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    not posted for a while so please be gentle :D
    after not betting on the flat for a few years i’ve decided to have a go this season. just wondering if any trf members know where i can get hold of / subscribe to any newmarket gallop reports ?
    i’ve trawled the tinternet and the only one i can find is called the eclipse file, who claim to give out gallop reports from their own work-watchers along with dark horses etc.. but at £400 a year its a lot of cash if its rubbish. anyone on hear ever used the eclipse file?
    thoughts / suggestion please

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    You could have a look at this and see if it floats yer boat :


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    Racing Post Weekender publish gallops reports from Newmarket – only covers the big stable generally, but it does tell you which horses are working together, the distance of the gallop and highlights which ones impressed the reporter.


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    If you believe the gallops watchers are actually told which horse is which and – more importantly – the weight they are carrying.

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    Watchers know the horses that they are looking for, they don’t need to be told.
    It would also surprise me to know if any horse carried extra weight on a training gallop?

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    t r jakobson writes in Raceform Update and has a tipping service.

    For me gallops reports tell you that the horse is still alive and able to gallop.

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    The racing post feature the odd gallops reports, on the flat there is almost always a gallops report in the news section every saturday. I personally find them quite good, I remember them stating in summer 2006 that Peter Chapple-Hyam had quite a special Montjeu Colt called Authorized who was working well on the gallops. The gallops reports are nothing set in stone but they can be quite informative at times.

    There are also the three training yard tiptsers in the Racing Post called The North, Lambourn and Newmarket (Tony Elves who writes the gallops reports that feature in the news section) who watch and keep in close contact with the trainers in their respective training areas, they can be quite interesting at times, if they throw up one who I kind of like the look of at a decent price I’ll have a little go on it usually, especially in maidens and things. They’ll throw up 25-1 winners some times.

    Gallops reports generally are not the sole thing you can go off, if you backed every horse who was tipped up on the gallops then you would be down overall, but they can be used at times to give you a bit of extra confidence in a bet (which may or may not pay off).

    There is also a gallops section on channel 4 teletext which rotates around different stables at times, it can be quite interesting.

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