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Best performances ever in the history of the Grand National?

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    This is my choice in order of merit of the best performances ever in the history of the Grand National.Do note it does not only include winners ,but spectacular feats.

    1.Crisp in 1973(runner up)

    Chasing’s ultimate spectacle taking domination over rivals or myth of invincibility to its absolute pinnacle.Running aestheticism in regions of divinty.Set a scorching pace and extended the lead to over 30 lengths carrying topweightof 12st..For 95 % of the race it was simply like an emperor leading a procession after mercilessly humiliating the opposition.Sadly faltered in closing stages to lose at the very brink to Red Rum.Morally,Crisp was the hero of the day,smashing Golden Miller’s record with Red Rum.Richard Pitman’s error of deploying the whip in the elbow cost Crisp a certain victory.Awarded timeform rating of 173,highest ever by a horse in a Grand National.

    2.Golden Miller in 1934

    Considering he had just won a Cheltenham Gold Cup it was one of racing’s greatest feats.In the run in trounced Delanegie by 5 lengths and the classy Thommond 11 with absolute disdain.Golden Miller broke the course record carrying topweight of 12-2,which none ever did.Above all in very heavy going,thus being tested to the fullest.

    3.Red Rum in 1974

    Carrying topweight of 12 st trounced dual Gold cup winner L’Escargot with absolute contempt by 8 lengths.Rarely has a national winner looked so majestic in the run in.Perfect blending of endurance with class.In sport I have never seen any star retain a title in a manner as majestic as Red Rum here.

    4.L’Escargot in 1975

    Majestically avenged defeat by Red Rum in the previous year.Being conceded 7 lb he overpowered his rival by 12 lengths at the post.No chaser ever beat Red Rum with such conviction with his strides a sheer joy to behold.Displayed incredible reserves of energy to pull away after the last .

    5.Tiger roll in 2018

    Not such a great winning distance but a spectacular jumping performance considering the handicap he bore of 11-5.Revealed every ingredient of a perfect chaser being awarded one of the highest ratings by timeform.The 1st to win 2 grand nationals in succession after Red Rum.Timeform rating of 165.

    6.Red Rum in 1973

    Revealed endurance and courage at its absolute zenith to catch the gallant Crisp in the last stride after being in hot pursuit for half the race.Broke the course record of Golden Miller.Red Rum resembled a cornered tiger ressurected from an ambush.

    7.Easter Hero in 1929 (Runner-up)

    Inspite of carrying a colossal handicap of 12-7 led till the 2nd last and finished 2nd.Ran in a world record field of 66 .

    8.Red Rum in 1977

    Only 4 finished but Red Rum displayed endurance and jumping power in regions of divinty.He had 25 lengths to spare at the post carrying topweight and in the run in resembled a victory parade of an emperor.No horse ever looked more like a Muhammad Ali.

    9.Rag Trade in 1976

    Conquered the mighty Red Rum with a spectacular leap at the lats fence to leave his rival standing.With the leading bunch for most of the race and towards the finish staved of a comeback by Red Rum

    10.Many Clouds

    Carried staggering topweight of 11-7 to prevail by 4 lengths at the line.No winner carried more weight since Red Rum in 1974.Ultimate epitome of endurance and class.Timeform rating of 166.

    11.Sunny Bay in 1998 (Runner-uo)

    Stunning performance as a runner up considering the burden he bore of 12st,comparable to Crisp’s performance in 1973.Conceded 23lb to the winner staging a spectacular burst from No Mans land after 2nd Becher’s to run alongside the eventual winner.Highest Timeform rating since Crisp in 1973,of 171.

    12.Aldaniti in 1981

    For sheer courage to spectacular rise like a phoenix from the Ashes I chose Aldaniti.One of the boldest jumping performances to overcome stalwarts like Rubstic and Spartan Missile .A few months ago Aldaniti was all but finished,making a sensational recovery.The emotions were written on the face of trainer Josh Gifford and Bob Champion,who against all odds won his battle against cancer.

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    Aldaniti springs to mind straight away. Every Grand National winner seems to have a story, but none to beat the fairy tale story of horse and jockey in the ’81 renewal

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    Again- it’s all subjective. But the omission of Prince Regent should be mentioned.

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    Don’t think many would argue that list.
    To think Rummy went on to win the Scottish Grand national in 1974 as well what a feat, and certainly not a one course wonder.

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    (Restricted to best/tied best performance by horse only, figures pounds/lengths below best.)

    0 Golden Miller (1934) & Crisp (1973)
    -4 L’Escargot (1975) & Red Rum (1977)
    -7 Troytown (1920)
    -8 Reynoldstown (1936)
    -11 Prince Regent (1946/1947)
    -13 Early Mist (1953)
    -14 Lottery (1839), The Lamb (1871), Disturbance (1873), Seaman (1882), Come Away (1891), Cloister (1893), Jerry M (1912), Easter Hero (1929), Thomond (1934/1935), Royal Mail (1937), Devon Loch (1956)
    -15 Freebooter (1950) & Teal (1952)
    -17 Poethlyn (1919)
    -18 Congress (1876/1877) & The Liberator (1879/1880)
    -19 Why Not (1894), Manifesto (1899), Kellsboro’ Jack (1933), E.S.B. (1956)
    -20 Delaneige (1934), Grittar (1982), Corbiere (1983/1984/1985), Rhyme ‘N’ Reason (1988), Don’t Push It (2010)

    For reference, Tiger Roll’s best performance is -24 in 2019.

    He Didnt Like Ground
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    My first bet in the GN was ryme and reason , I don’t know about greatest performance but it was a hell of a recovery ….my dad was on durham edition …not a happy chappy

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