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Best ever performances in order of merit in Jump races?

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    In this list I am ranking in order of merit the best ever performances by a horses in races over the jumps.Includes steeplechasing and hurdle racing.

    1.Arkle winning the 1965 Gallaher Gold Cup at Sandown

    Inspite of conceding the great Mill House 16lbs the jumping collosus came home 12 lengths clear ,to throw his rival into oblivion.Took supremacy in steeplechasing to height of divinity even above his triumphs in the Cheltenham Gold Cup or King George.Arkle literally made Mill House look like a leaf tossed in gale .Mill House was at his best and race fit whilst Arkle was running the first race of the season.

    2.Kauto Star winning the 2009 King George 6th chase

    Never in steeplechaser has a chaser so ruthlessly demolished or exercised superiority over rivals like Kauto Star,reminiscent of an invincible emperor leading a procession.A performance of metaphysical proportions making opponents look like cattle walking to a slaughterhouse.

    3.Arkle winning the 1964 Cheltenham Gold Cup

    In the ultimate clash of the titans Arkle overpowered his rival Mill house from 2 fences out,like Muhammad Ali delivering a final knockout punch.Gave sensation of a ressurection .

    4=. Desert Orchid winning the 1990 Irish Grand National and winning the 1985-86 King George.

    In both races Dessie was the epitome of perfection of chaser,incarnating the mighty Arkle like none since.In the King George he had 15 lengths to spare over class rivals like Wayward Lad,Door Latch and Forgive’nForget.In the Irish National he won by a margin of 12 lengths inspite of carrying 12st.

    6.Arkle winning 1965 Cheltenham Gold Cup

    MillHouse not at his best but Arkle could still sit with the Gods of Olympus,wining by a margin of 20 lengths.

    7.Denman winning 2008 Cheltenham Gold Cup

    Reminiscent of a great Greek or Roman army defeated,overpowered the mighty Kauoto Star.Spared 7 lengths at the winning post,exhibition why he was a powerhouse of energy personified.Put the issue beyond doubt when pulling 10 lengths clear four fences out to run his rivals of their legs.

    8.Mill House winning 1963 Cheltenham Gold Gold Cup

    Pounded down the hill to trounce the classy Fortria by 12 lengths ,making him look like the most defining chaser of the era .Looked set to follow footsteps of the legendary Golden Miller,revealing an imperious command.

    9.Istabraq winning 1998 Champion Hurdle

    Won by a staggering margin of 12 lengths taking supremacy in hurdle racing to it’s zenith.Cruised like a motorboat doubling its sped down the hill,crushing his rivals like whet grounded in a flour mill.

    10.Golden Miller winning 1935 Cheltenham Gold Cup

    The margin was small but performance great if you consider class of his rival Thommond 11 and ground conditions.

    11.Crisp finishing 2nd in 1973 Grand National

    When striding 30 lengths ahead of the pack carrying topweight Crisp took steeplechasing feats to regions not traversed .Till the last fence Crisp resembled a military commander leading a victory procession or a conductor in an orchestra.Sadly a riding mistake of Pitman who cracked him with the whip making him veer in the elbow,cost him the race.

    12.Red Rum winning 1974 Grand National

    Defeated dual gold cup winner by a margin of 7 lengths inspite of carrying topweight.Won in characteristic style with ears pricked and being the ultimate epitome of jumping perfection.

    13.Bula winning 1972 Champion Hurdle

    Doubled his winning distance in the previous edition to spare 8 lengths at the winning post.Class in sublime regions.Toyed with class opponents like Boxer and Lyford Clay.Up the hill looked like a new life was insurged into him,when running his rivals to the ground.

    14.Captain Christy winning 1974 King George

    Mercilessly crushed his rivals by a long looking margin of 30 lengths,beating the all conquering Bula.

    15.Best Mate winning 2003 Cheltenham Gold Cup

    Ressurected and emulated the mighty l’Escargot winning in most emphatic style by 10 lengths from Truck Tavern.Revealed acceleration of a steeplechaser at it’s zenith running down the hill,making his rivals look like a bunch of daisies.

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    I know the opposition wasn’t up to much, so merit-wise OK debatable- but one of the most joyous things I’ve seen was Vautour leading the JLT field with his ears pricked and pinging the fences with ease. It just looked so much fun!

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    12st 6 in a bog, and the cameraman couldn’t get 1st and 2nd in the same shot.

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    The one to eclipse them all would be the 1990 Gold Cup and a spring heeled Norton’s Coin putting away the previous years Gold Cup winner and the highly promising Toby Tobias amongst others.

    A star performance……….and at 100/1 to generously line your pockets!!!


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