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Best ever Lucky 15, 31 or 63 bets. post your best, be honest

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    i have had a few good ones, i will post afterwards. i just want to see if these thread gets going first.

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    4 of us had a lucky 15, we all put in £1.50. Cant remember the prices but 3 of them won and we had just over £400 to share, however if the last had gone in we would have had over £4000.

    my friends bro in law had a lucky 15 in a betting office in Scarborough a few months ago. He quickly picked four horses as he was parked on yellows outside. his £1 lucky 15 (£15) went in with all four horses and paid £12,000

    Young Mick
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    When I was 16, I used to have a few quid of pocket money in small accumalators which I got my dad to put on for me. Normally I would have 5p Lucky 63s and the sort, winning with just one or two horses.

    Then this one day in march, I can still remember it.

    5p Super Heinz? Lucky 63 without the singles.. win
    Young Mick
    Les Arcs
    Self Defense (Only Horse I am unsure of)
    Kingsgate Native
    Total Stake: £2.85

    First horse won, then Self Defense fell when in the lead, I thought, oh dear another saturday.. then one after another these horses came in. I even walked into the betting shop for the 1st time to watch Electrocutionist in the Dubai World Cup, and it seemed as though frankie would never get there, but he did a few strides to the line! I thought I had won £50 I was well chuffed. Went to the counter and gave the bet, she looked at me funny then started counting these £20 notes. Came to £223 and loose change, I nearly passed out!

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    2000 Guineas day 2003.

    10p Lucky 15

    Fire Up The Band 13/2
    Refuse To Bend 9/2
    Needwood Blade 9/4??????????????
    Another horse at Haydock I think

    All 4 came in, £300 :) I’d just started betting and never had all 4 come in since :lol:

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    Easy one for me this as it’s not a bet I do much and have only had 4 winners twice. The last time was on the 20th March this year, a Friday if I remember correctly?

    I had called in the bookies on the way home from work to put a football bet on for the following day as I was going out that night, after putting the football bet on I had about seven quid in change in my pocket and a little bit of time to kill so put a 20p Lucky 15 on the next four races..

    I can remember all four races as though they were yesterday…

    Race 1 – 5.07 – Swindon – Trap 4 (9/4) Shot out of the traps and led all the way and just held on in a close finish.

    Race 2 – 5.10 – Kelso – First Stream (6/1) Dennis O’regan on one for Howard Johnson, always up there with the leaders but under pressure close home and strongly ridden close home to just get up and win by a neck.

    Race 3 – 5.17 – Monmore – Trap 2 (3/1) Similar to First Stream in always been up there and coming late and just getting up on the line.

    Race 4 – 5.20 – Lingfield – Green Velvet (6/1) A horse better at 6f but running over 5f, always going well in behind the leaders, Travis Block pressed the button a furlong out and pulled away with ease to win by two to three lengths and easily the most comfortable of the four to bring the bet home.

    Returned £597.96 needless to say I had a very good night!

    For anyone wondering about me remembering such detail with the times/races/selections etc the lady in the bookies was that impressed she printed me off a copy of the payout/settling slip as a keepsake. :lol:

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    I remember i took my dad to york races one year, he had £20 on Envirnment Friend, the horse went in a 33/1, early price finished at 20’s i think

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    Not me but a mate of mine.
    Four of us always used to take Cheltenham Week off work.
    In the morning we would play golf and then after some lunch get down to bookies after dropping off our golfing gear at home and after racing straight to the pub to discuss the days events
    It was 1999 and it had been a mixed week for us except for one lad who had nothing but bad luck.What made it worse was the lad in question had been made redundant a few weeks earlier.
    On the final day,which was the Thursday at that time ,we all met in the bookies and the lad who was having the bad week said ‘Ive got my bet on,a 20p each Lucky 15 leaves me me enough for a couple of pints.
    The first selection on his lucky 15 was
    Anjum @ 40/1 won
    He hadn’t told us beforehand what he had selected he only told us when he had a selection in the race.
    Just before the gold cup he told us his next selection was in this race:
    See More Business 16/1 won
    The rest us of were now thinking well he can can get a round in now
    His Third horse was
    Stormyfairweather and he had taken 14/1 won
    The three of us were now getting quite excited as he told us his final selection was in the last at Cheltenham-the County Hurdle.
    we palced our bets and settled down to watch the race and to also watch him.
    As I am remeber the race unfolded so that two horses approached the last and these were the only two in it ,one getting on top close home.
    Once they had passed the prost he casuall got off his stool and said
    ‘I had that bugger an all’
    Sir Talbot won 10/1
    We waited for the bookies to go a bit quieter,didnt want prying ears,
    and then he asked me to ask how much he had won.
    I moved to the end of the counter to be told he had won 32k and a few hundred my meomry is not waht it was so I cant remeber the hundreds
    We waited for the bookies to empty completely before he went up the counter himsel.Can you imagine the bookies face when he asked for his winnings in cash because he didn’t want to pay a cheeque into his bank account because it may effect his benefits.
    The bookie didn’t have that much cash and so gave him £200 and asked him to come back in the morning.
    Off we went to the pub and the lousy bugger bought each of us a cigar and two pints all night !!!!!
    Thats the closest Ive been to a Lucky 15

    Young Mick
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    It is always the way, racing seems to go your way when you are on your last bets..

    Congratualtions to the lad in question!

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    That is an awesome winning Lucky 15! Outstanding!

    My best came at Glorious Goodwood last year. Generally I bet 10p e/w Lucky 15’s and did the same on day one of Goodwood last year (I think it was day one).

    I had Gulf Express in the first (at 12 -1) which just got home down the outside. Then came my two confident selections. Paco Boy (I had been very impressed in the Greenham) at 8-1 and Sanbuch at 15-2 who had Course form and the race looked weak to me with only the improving Milne Graden a danger. By now I was highly pleased with myself! 3 wins from 3.

    As usual I had been watching these races after work, maybe 9.30 in the evening. My gf was on the couch watching tv and I remember casually saying a I had just won over £100 but I had a small chance of getting more if the last one won.

    My last selection was Yamal in a 20 runner 7/8f handicap. I had followed the horse through the summer and despite a stinker of a draw in 3 i felt he was value at 7-1. Greg Fairly produced him through the pack at the furlong pole and I shouted "go on" so loud the gf got a fright! What a ride that horse was given I swear!

    As I always do, I calculated my winnings before checking my online balance (its not that I dont trust them…but I dont) and then told my gf not to worry about our holiday spending money as I had it in my betting account!

    Anyway winnings were £1,338…my gf couldn’t believe it was so much. She had assumed my 4th winner meant I had won a few hundred.

    And the thing I remember most of all….how I was shaking and how much of a buzz it was! It was great!

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    What a brilliant read of all these lucky 15 stories , brilliant!!
    Well im one of these " nearly " punters when it comes to a lucky 15 .
    Had a few 3 out of 4 though ……you know the one ….Where you tell fellow punters " Cor look at that , i was unlucky , if that had won i would of had thousands " ( knowing damn well they not interested lol ) but you feel the
    need to tell someone.

    I have had some luck with other bets and heres one i will never forget .

    My girlfriend was pregnant with my son and i promised her a new pram etc . So on the Saturday we went into town and i spent all my money on the pram etc and i had £5.40 left in my pocket and said to her i want to pop in the bookies before getting the train home.
    She wasnt to happy and to be honest i could see she wanted to go and i couldnt concentrate with rushing trying to pick my horses to watch on the tele when we got home.
    So i said to her " June you pick one and i shall put a fiver on it "
    Reluctantly she picked one and oh my god it fell at the bloody 1st fence.
    " Come on lets go " she said.
    Needless to say i was pissed off ……i had to watch something on tele!
    I got a placepot slip and picked out my 6 selections in a matter of seconds! and did 2 lines at 20p lol
    I placed my placepot and went home.
    Now obviously i cant remember the exact prices etc (16 years ago ) but my 1st leg come in , followed by the second , then the 3rd , then the 4th , im now getting excited , ive just put the running on totals page on teletext …theres only a few hundred quid left in the pool and i got 2 in the 5th leg .
    So im watching the 5th leg and my 2 have gone clear ! yessssss ive now got the placepot up for 40p if the last leg comes in.
    The 6th leg is not televised and im now watching it on teletext ……oh no ! my horse in the last is 33-1 and its got to come 1st or 2nd ( only 5 runners ) …im not to hopeful now but i retain wishful thinking in that my fav jockey Philip Robinson can get it in.
    Then to my horror !!! the 2nd fav gets withdrawn !! …im gutted and sink into that ….why feeling .
    My horse has to win now ….
    Anyway the page comes at " off " .
    Well im covering the television screen over with the paper i got in my hand …the girlfriend thinks im mad lol .
    Then it comes up at the bottom of the screen " result "
    Im slowly lifting up the paper exposing more of the screen …and yes the fav came 2nd ! but what won it ? I pull the paper quickly away and YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ive won , ive won i scream , its going to pay big!! yesss im shouting .
    " How much you won , how much you won !? "
    I check the placepot and there was only £5.80 going on to my horse lol

    The dividend come up EXACTLY £6000 odd and a few pennies .

    The look on my face must of been a picture ( grin from ear to ear ) when i went in to collect my £2400 for 40p …something i will never forget lol ,


    ps does anyone know why the teletext racing service is no longer ? running on totals brtting etc

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    Excellent stuff binocularman. I am gonna add a near miss of my own here again.

    And bizarrely, it came at glorious goodwood last week (like my winning one last year). Well i say it came at goodwood, one actually came in the first at redcar! It was wednesday.

    First selection Bond Fastrac wins at 16-1 in the first at redcar and then my seond selection (swingkeel at 6-1) places 3rd in the first at goodwood. In some ways this takes the pressure off as no huge win will be coming. Third leg was Classic Vintage who looked like a really nice colt in winning (i had 14-1). Last leg was Axiom in one of the later goodwood races and wins at 4-1! I was well pleased, returned £180 (would have been more but for highland glens withdrawal meaning a rule 4 in classic vintages race).

    Still, for an outlay of £3.00 its not bad lol!

    I am still debating with my own mind whether i should stick to my lucky 15’s or go with singles more. I like the idea that by placing a £3 bet I can win thousands so we’ll stick with it until the evening racing is finished i think.

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    Very nice doughino………if that Swingkeel had of won you would have be in the carribean now! Would have paid over £1500
    I personally think a lucky 15 is a brilliant bet – especially when Totesport give treble the odds for one winner.

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