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    Apologies if this has been already done but who dou think is better?

    I was pushed to ask this question having read R Johnsons column on on which he stated that Inglis Drever is the greatest staying hurdler he has seen

    I personally think that Baracousa was probably the greatest!

    He won 2 excellent staing hurdles beating top class hurdlers in Bannow Bay and Iris Gift. I’l never forget the first one when Bannow Bay and Baraouda sprinted away fromt he field after the last and C Roche stating afterwards that he still can’t believe that he was beating. I bet Charlie Swan must have been kicking himself for waiting for baracouda to challenge

    Anyway…I’m straying from the topic a little…I feel like I’ve probably under estimated Inglis Drever over the years. Particularly given the fact that he prob had the class to go close in the champion hurdle a few years ago.I just feel that he hasn’t beaten any real good stayers but what he has beaten he has done easily

    So what are your views?

    I say Baracouda

    Recent top stayers bunched as….Iris Gift, Bannow Bay, Inglis Drever and Limestone Lad (tho we never saw hima t his best at cheltenham)

    But take nothing away from inglis as the list above contains some real good horses

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    Baracouda for me – never forget seeing Francois Doumen in tears when Iris’s Gift beat Baracouda at Cheltenham; I always felt excited at the thought of seeing his races, Inglis Drever just doesn’t have the same effect [always struggle with horses that have names that people don’t know how to pronounce!].

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    Inglis Drever definitely better. we’ll have proof in the pudding if he can win a third stayers hurdle this year. He’s a class act with an engine an aston martin would do well to match.

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    Baracouda will, generally, be perceived to be the better horse because he was a strong traveller (his victory over Mr Cool at Ascot probably the best example) and, given the right conditions, won his races with a great deal of flair. Inglis Drever is an ugly runner, who rarely travels, but he has plenty of (real) class and doesn’t mind doing things the hard way.

    Official ratings say Inglis Drever is the best, whilst RPRs don’t have him within 6lbs of Baracouda at his peak, so the figures don’t offer much assistance. But you can’t help but love Inglis Drever who did, lest we forget, beat Baracouda fair and square at Cheltenham in 2005, and he’d be just the best for me.

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    Why compare? If they never race against each other, you can never truly say who’s the best. It doesn’t matter anyway, they’re both awesome horses.

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    People will always compare and its a healthy thing to do/be able to do. The experienced gained from watching great horses also keeps you level headed. Like some people think Hardy Eustace was a good Champion Hurdle winner only to find out now he was pretty moderate when Sublimity made him look so.

    However this comparison is a few weeks too early.

    I have no doubt Baracuda was the better horse than he was when Inglis Drever beat him at Cheltenham. The 8yo Baracuda would have beaten him hands down IMO.

    How much Inglis Drever has improved is hard to say he has defienately been consitant but his hardest task to date comes up in March.

    Wichita Lineman is the toughest horse in training and he has had this for his target all season. Regarded by some as good or better a horse as Iris’s Gift who beat Baracuda, he will take some stopping at Cheltenham. More mature, stronger and fresh he wont be 6/1 on the day.

    If Inglis Drever beats WL then my vote would be 100% in favour of him.

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    Both very good horses. Inglis Drever, as we know, defeated Baracouda at the 2005 festival, but I don’t think Baracouda was at his peak that day.

    Overall, I would slightly favour Baracouda, but only just.

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    i know this is about who is better, but if they were to meet up in their prime
    at this seasons festival would your heart rule your wallet??

    loved Baracouda, but ID is some machine….

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    Black Jack Ketchum would eat them both for breakfast. :D

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    In my opinion Baracouda (many times), iris’s gift (stayers 03+04), limestone lad (numerous times at Navan) and mighty man (aintree 07) have all put in better staying performances than Inglis Drever ever has. It has been a joy to watch such talented horses.

    However because of Inglis drevers style of running we possibly haven’t seen what he is capable of as he can only beat what is put in front of him,so it is no disservice to whisper his name in such company. he is certainly a very tough and consistant horse and i can only see one credible challenger to him this year, Wichita Lineman, who needs to improve still to get close.

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    Baracouda has staying hurdles form which is measurably superior to anything Inglis Drever has punched-up.

    Inglis Drever would be more versatile, but Baracouda is much the better horse over staying trips – by about a half-stone at his best, imo.

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Wichita Lineman is the toughest horse in training and he has had this for his target all season. Regarded by some as good or better a horse as Iris’s Gift who beat Baracuda, he will take some stopping at Cheltenham. More mature, stronger and fresh he wont be 6/1 on the day.

    If Inglis Drever beats WL then my vote would be 100% in favour of him.

    How on earth is it that you’ve managed to come up with not one, but two unbelievably stupid comments in the same post?

    Wichita Lineman better than Iris’s Gift? Yes, finishing a distant 2nd behind Blazing Bailey, definite proof in the pudding.

    Maybe in the future he’ll be better, but don’t confuse potential with ability.

    And then to say Inglis Drever is definitely better than Baracouda if he beats Wichita Lineman…*Triple_Crown shakes his head in disbelief*

    Yes, if the dual-World Hurdle winner beats a second season novice with no victories to his name this season, after the second season novice was withdrawn from the Cleeve Hurdle because his trainer said he wasn’t good enough to run, then the dual-World Hurdle winner is definitely better than Baracouda :shock: :roll:

    Give me a break…

    And wtf is up with you, haven’t you left the forum 21 times? How are your wrists?

    Can’t you give an opinion without making yourself out to be a completely ignorant moron mate?……You even spill lies to make yourself look like you know what you are talking about by taking what Jonjo said all out of context. Why are you doing that when nothing could be further form the truth?

    The quote you refer to was not the entire quote it was cut short by an editor….What Jonjo actually said was there were some nice sorts in the race and didn’t want to give WL a hard race before Cheltenham.

    There was actually a little bit more to it than that but that’s for me to know and for you to find out.

    The race you refer to was over a distance short of his best trip and if you knew the horse was about 90% fit when he ran that might get it into your thick skull he is better than that. Lost of money for him that day wasn’t there?… 2 pounds 50p from the girl who delivers Jonjos papers FFS.

    I don’t come on here to get into brawling matches with anyone TC but so far I am doing ok wiith the few advises I have given….when I start saying things about horses and strat putting people away them come blasting at me all you want with how stupid my post is…..until them have the manners to discuss things without calling people idiots.

    I see the race as I see it and I am going on what I have been told i am not in the habit of talking crap…………your way out of order mate…….my wrist is getting better thanks to a wrist support.

    Like the rest of your post your 21 times is a slight exaggeration…. by 20 times to be exact…….I left for a short time for 2 reasons…having to put up with crap from igonorant idiots who think this is their forum and the rest of us are only their guests………and a sore wrist…….I came back as a few members asked me to and said they had the same experience from the self same idiots………my wrist as I say is a bit better but it would seem the other problem is here to stay.

    We can have it anyway you want mate you be a twat I’ll be a bigger one you be nice I will return the compliment.

    Good day mate and if you were pissed when you wrote that crap don’t be worrying about it as I am bomb proof and unlike some people I don’t hold grudges…….it’s certainly not like you ”””’you’re normally worse:lol: :P

    Andrew Hughes
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    I see its squabbles time again at the kindergarten.

    Surely anyone is entitled to put their views on this forum and, providing they don’t behave abusively or rudely, there is no reason to belittle their opinions. I don’t think there is any need for anyone to refer to anyone’s comments as ‘unbelievably stupid’. In this case, surely stupidity is in the eye of the beholder and such insults just lead to a bad atmosphere and several more pages of ‘lastworditis’ (see the ‘value’ thread).

    Baracouda was one of my favourite horses, he was box office, but I also have an affection for the doughty ugly sort and Inglis Drever comes into that category.

    I might watch some of the replays on RP to form a better opinion.

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    One of the best performances I have ever seen was the one Baracouda put in when winning a competitive 2m 6f handicap in genuinely testing ground.

    He had top weight and most of the others had nearer 10 stone (?).

    He cantered to the front and held on tenaciously and the BBC reported:

    Baracouda bares teeth
    Baracouda left his rivals trailing in his wake to win the Tote Scoop6 Hurdle at Sandown.
    The Thierry Doumen-ridden stayer easily won the two mile six furlong race in testing conditions despite appearing to tire near the line.

    The double Stayers’ Hurdle champion at Cheltenham was giving away 26 pounds to the rest of the field but hit the front coming into the home straight.

    The French-trained 8-15 favourite held off Yogi with Alexanderthegreat third.

    “He’s an amazing horse. He’s unique, part of history,” said Doumen.

    “He thought he’d won the race after the last. I just had to explain to him that there was another furlong to go.”

    His father, the trainer Francois Doumen, said: “It was not a necessity to run him today but he was bouncing out of his skin asking for a race and I thought, why not?

    He was in another world to those horses – I’ve never had him in better form
    Baracouda’s trainer Francois Doumen

    “Today you could see he was in another world to those horses.

    “He slowed down in front because he has always been a bit worried by the crowd, but I’ve never had him in better form.”

    Bookmaker Coral immediately stripped Baracouda to 4-7 from evens for a third straight Stayers’ Hurdle in March.

    Tote Scoop6 Sandown Hurdle
    Sandown, 2m 6f

    1 Baracouda (T Doumen) 8-15f
    2 Yogi (G Cotter) 25-1
    3 Alexanderthegreat (R Walsh) 25-1
    9 ran. Dist: 2l, ½l

    Now that is why he was supreme.

    Could IDrever do that?


    Andrew Hughes
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    I see we’ve gone widescreen again

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