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Ballydoyles 4 YO next year?

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    I know Age of Aquarious is staying on, but what are the chances of Mastercraftsman, RVW or Fame and Glory staying in training?

    Speaking of which, what happened to Soldier of Fortune? Always thought he was training on for an autumn campaign as a 5yo?

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    I would say Trojan War will be kept in Training along with Grand Ducal.

    I can’t see all 3 of Ballydoyles Colt going to the stud farm….so the most likely to stay in training would be Fame And Glory but that all depends on if there middle distance 2yr olds this year are up to scratch if not he should be seen next year.

    Mastercraftsman looks a pure miler so i think he be off to the shed as there isn’t much for him to stay in training for.

    Rip Van Winkle could stay in training if he where to fail in the Breeders Cup Classic as he lightly enough raced and could be a Top Class animal next year by taking all the big mile/1m2f race….wouldnt be suprised him or Fame and Glory pitching up and winning the Irish Champion Stakes next year.

    There Stud book is huge at the moment….what they need more than ever is Breeders Cup Winner’s on the polytrack for Ashford stud….the best outcome for the season would be if Master/Rip won the Classic they would basically jump through the roof for that result. They are really gearing all there horse’s for Autumn campaigns now with the Breeders Cup on the agenda for all ther 1m2f down horses. Fame and Glory would be another Montjeu after Hurricane Run to retire so maybe they wait and keep Fame in training in order to get a few full book’s of mare’s to the likes of Holy Roman Emperor/Excellent Art/Hurricane Run and Dylan Thomas.

    Soldier Of Fortune last i heard was just bottomed out after the Breeders Cup Turf and i think Aidan said somewhere that he has severe problems with his feet after that crazy piece of riding on tarmac in Cali. I would be very surprised if he runs again…there really is no need. They could sell him as they did Mount Nelson or maybe go down the National Hunt route with him. After all the last thing they need is another middle distance sire that will struggle to attract half a book of mares due to his illustrious counterparts at Co. Tipp.

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    I’d have thought that most of them will stay in training with the possible exception of Rip Van Winkle. He’s the first colt by Galileo to win a Group 1 over a mile which is a pretty big selling point.

    Mastercraftsman and Fame And Glory – what’s the point of them going to stud? Who in their right mind is going to go to Mastercraftsman? Doesn’t stay 10f, won just the 2 Group 1s over a mile (one of them on heavy), no proper turn of foot. I mean Rock of Gibraltar’s there for €27,500, Excellent Art’s €17,500, Oratorio €17,500. Ok the latter’s different but not by that much. I just don’t see the point of sending him off to stud. He’s surely worth more to them sticking around next year.

    Fame And Glory, again, unless he wins the Arc, what’s the point? Authorized is there, Group 1 winner at 2 (over a mile rather than 10f), Derby winner, 10 1/2f Group 1 winner – €25,000. Hurricane Run €20,000.

    I mean there’s just no way they can market him at €20,000 and expect him to get bookings over Hurricane Run. €15,000? What’s the point, keep him in training next year and he can play around with the Ganay, Tatts GC, Coronation Cup, GP de Saint Cloud, etc.

    EDIT – No bloody way SoF is going jumping, no chance whatsoever. A dual-Group 1 winner going over the sticks? Come off it. He’s worth far more at stud even if it’s only €5k a pop. Could be a very attractive stallion in Germany.

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    The slump in the bloodstock market, overproduction of foals and the resulting fall in stallion fees, are making the idea of keeping a Group horse in training as a 4 or 5-y-o considerably more attractive than for many years. So it’s bad news for stallion owners, but perhaps good news for racing fans.

    I don’t foresee any improvement in the near future, especially in the American market, which may never recover, in real terms, to the levels enjoyed in recent times. The sport there is in a terrible spiral of decline and there appear to be no solutions being produced by those who run the sport. Slots will prove no saviour for American racing, and may well delay the implementation of necessary reforms for the sports rebirth. In addition, they seem to gone off importing stallions, El Prado’s success notwithstanding.

    In Europe, we might be looking at 5 years, or more, before the ‘good times’ return to the market.

    If Soldier Of Fortune has such terrible feet, I don’t see him being a very attractive prospect as a stallion, particularly a NH one. Jumpers have enough problems with their tendons as it is, without adding foot problems to the list. If he’s kept in training next year and is able to demonstrate that he’s basically a sound horse and doesn’t have a weakness which he’s likely to pass on to his offspring, then his value as a potential stallion will be enhanced, and he could win a goodly amount of prize money along the way.

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    Interesting post as ever Venusian…

    Its a strange conundrum that when the sport is bouyant, there is less in it for the punters to enjoy…ie horses staying in training

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