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    Last weekend I found myself at a shopping center called the Freeport near Stoke On Trent and found myself wandering into one of these discount book stores. Most of the books on offer had no relevance and inspired no interest in me but as I was walking around I spotted "My Colourful Life" by the late Ginger McCain and I must say that for £1.99 it has been one of my better purchases in life. I’m only at Chapter 5 so far and it has been a really interesting account of his early days in racing and it has been really refreshing to read about such an interesting and funny character it racing.

    Anyway.. It has got me thinking about other autobiographies about people in racing and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations out there?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum!

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    Correct part of the forum Meads –

    I’m sure there are loads of good ones. The one that always gets quoted as a classic is ‘Sods I Have Cut On The Turf’ by Jack Leach. Somewhat shamefacedly I have to admit to never having read it. Aha – now I know what to put on my Santa list!

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    Francome’s autobiography is a reasonable read – his tales with Smith-Eccles are quite funny, although I think he’d do a better job of a Part II now.

    Dave Nevison’s first effort is also quite interesting from a gambling perspective, but I’ve heard it said he has blown all credibility as an interesting writer with his second effort.

    Eclipse First
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    Men and Horses I have Known by George Lambton is one for the age when horse racing was important to the general public. For a man primarily regarded as a trainer, his accounts of the National and his exploits as an amateur are the most enjoyable episodes.

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    The Barry Brogan story.
    Basically a sad tale of wasted talent, alcohol, laughter, despair in varying amounts.
    A jockey who was very nearly champion, got the job as stable jockey for the royal trainer Fulke Walwyn, and then threw it all away.

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    Do biographies qualify?

    If so, my old mate Richard Pitman did a fine job of Martin Pipe’s

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    Stumbled across Timmy Murphys autobiography a few weeks ago. Thought that was an interesting read . . . .

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    Just ordered a book called ‘Finished Last at Folkestone’ about a guy who went to all English racecourses in one year; not an autobiography as such and don’t know if it’s any good, but we met him on the train coming back fron The Arc, and he seemed a jolly nice bloke, so I thought I’d plug his book for him. Would help if I could remember his name, though….

    Miss Woodford
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    Racing My Father: Growing Up with a Riding Legend – Patrick Smithwick (highly recommended) … 2&sr=1-132

    Dirt Road to the Derby – Bob Baffert (this is hilarious) … d_sim_b_11

    The Simple Game: An Irish Jockey’s Memoir (also highly recommended if you have ever wondered about all those Anglo-Irish jockeys in American jumps racing) … 21&sr=1-25

    Riding’s a Joy – Joy Slater (the first woman to win the Maryland Hunt Cup) … 92&sr=1-11

    Guess I’m Lucky – Woody Stephens … 62&sr=1-78

    Shoemaker: America’s Greatest Jockey – Bill Shoemaker … 14&sr=1-20

    Riding For My Life – Julie Krone … pd_sim_b_3

    The Perfect Ride – Gary Stevens … pd_sim_b_9

    Against the Odds: Riding for My Life – Jerry Bailey … pd_sim_b_7

    Ride of a Lifetime: The Sandy Hawley Story – Sandy Hawley … 6&sr=1-102

    trapper john
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    just finished reading ruby walshes book thought that was a good read

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