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    Ex RubyLight
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    Both fatally injured after being brought down by Flemcara in the 3.35 at Warwick at the same flight.

    While fatalities have to be accepted sometimes, I have to say that both, Deckie Johnson and Harry Skelton behaved very poorly. Both were in a hurry to leave the track after the incident. Maybe a minute after their falls they both left their dying partners and headed probably to the weighing room.

    This is indeed rather poor, as you would expect them to attend their horses even in the last moments of their lives. Other jockeys and trainers can do this, why not the two of them? After all, they had no ride in the final race of the card and they were the regular partners of those horses

    From now on every time you hear one of them telling us about they appreciate or love, think twice. Most of the times it could be complete bull****.

    Rest in peace Ardlethen and Espion hoping that some who loved you were still by your side!

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    Were you there then RubyLight? I saw the race but I had no idea the horses were seriously injured, I am shocked actually. The ITV commentator gave no signal, it is difficult to see what is going after a race, they are always keen to avoid show any accidents involving horses, actually it would better to see what happens.

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    Seriously low budget coverage from ITV. Richard Hoiles wasn’t there and Mick Fitzgerald appeared to clear off home after the 3.00

    Ex RubyLight
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    Sorry Crepello, the horses were even treated after the bumper. Stewart Machin was quick to point out that both of them were still down with the screens around them and the layout of the course changed so they could run the bumper.

    So Deckie and Skelton didn’t know how seriously they were injured? Don’t make me laugh….

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    I didn’t see the jockeys after the falls but presumably, as it was near the stands, it wouldn’t have taken the stable staff long to get there. Somebody from Skelton’s yard posted this so at least Ardlethen was surrounded by familiar faces “Alex and Andy will miss you so much. Your 2 best friends were by your side right to the end”

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    Tragic news, I love the sport but it can be so cruel at times. So sad for both yards, a particularly horrible day for the Skeltons. Condolences to all connections.
    RIP Ardlethen and Espion.

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    Absolutely horrible incident … I was watching on Racing TV and they reported all jockeys were up and I think they said walking back (they showed at least one) … but I soon realised this wasn’t going to have a happy ending. However it’s the stable lasses/lads who must feel this the most … and my sympathy goes out to them – although I realise there are others involved too and it must have been tough for the vets etc … To loose any horse during a race is bad enough but to have two innocents who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got brought down is hard to swallow … It’s been a dark day today … Ardlethen’s stablemate Mohaayed went to the rainbow bridge just an hour before …

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    So upset reading this.
    All of us here love the sport and care about horse welfare but just the thoughtof those two beautiful horses lying there fatally injured and wondering what is happening breaks your heart.
    RIP Ardlethen and Espion 💔💔

    What a terrible day.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Oh no! I only just saw this. I saw the race on ITV and I think it was Ed who said the jockeys were all up but two of the horses were still being attended to. This is devastating to know two houses lost their lives through no fault of their own. Utterly soul destroying 😭

    Quelle Farce
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    Genuine question. Are jockeys routinely questioned after a fall that leads to a fatality, by the stewards? If only for the record?

    Flemcara was spent going to the last, fell and caused chaos. Did the three jockeys concerned have to explain the situation to the authorities? If not, that’s not a good look.

    Please educate this outsider what happens in these types of situations.

    Ex RubyLight
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    Genuine question. Are jockeys routinely questioned after a fall that leads to a fatality, by the stewards? If only for the record?

    How many times have you read anything like that? I can’t recall stewards inquiring into a fatal fall for instance and the outcome being made public. They surely look for explanations after a poor run, but besides burst blood vessels or post-race abnormality, there isn’t much stated in the Racing Post.

    It would be quite interesting to hear the jockeys’ views as well, but it doesn’t seem to happen.

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    A sad day, loss of three lovely chestnut horses, two in this awful incident.

    There seems to be a lot of brickbats being thrown. Uncaring jockeys? Perhaps but surely they need to distance from the vets and stable representatives who are likely to have been on the scene quickly given it was close to the finish.

    Broadcasters failing to impart what was happening? Seems harsh to me. You’d want confirmation before making announcements. ITV have not been shying away from making sad announcements.

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