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    Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair has ordered an inquiry into claims journalists drove a van carrying a fake bomb into Windsor Castle’s grounds. <br>The Sun said the van passed St George’s Chapel, where the marriage of Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles will be blessed this Saturday.

    The "apparent security breach" raised serious concern, Scotland Yard said.

    The report comes after it emerged that on Sunday two tourists scaled a fence and entered a private castle area

    <br>This comes after a number of these security breaches by both journalists and fathers for justice. One must really now begin to question the how genuine the "terrorist threat" from "Al Queda" really is. How hard can these extreme islamist terorists really being trying. It is now clear that anyone dressed in fancy dress and has access to a ladder can enter any ministry office or royal property without any resistance.

    No super three story "Al Queda"  mountain hide out fully furnished with super computer in Afganistan.

    No Weapoms of Mass destruction in Iraq

    No genuine  british main land terrorist threat.

    Is there any where Blair can hide now. Every reason stated for the killing of over 100,000 iraqi people is now been shown to be a calculated lie.

    Watch out. An islamist terrorist dressed in a batman cape armed with a ladder may be lurking around every corner. Be afraid……. be very afraid.

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    Good points, Nixer.

    Imagine you are a Bin Laden supporter from Bradford who’s willing to lay down his life for the cause.

    Say, in return, you want to kill at least 10 people and make the population of the UK tremble in fear of sudden attack.

    Wouldn’t it be a piece of p**s
    to get some explosives and wander into McDonalds at peak time?

    Wouldn’t blowing yourself up in there achieve your objective?

    So, why’s it never happened?

    Are the security services foiling all these plans….??

    While, as Nixer said, failing to stop journos, divorcees, wannabee comedians….


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    Apparently there is an entire "network of terorists" out there hell bent on attacking britain because they hate democracy and freedom. Someone wants to check the conection on that network because 3 years after 9/11 they are yet to strike.  <br>Were told that they are "fundamentalist extremeists " , "terrorists" But they never stike. No convictions? Nothing.

    Myabe it is all down to the sterling security work done by the british intelligence services(the same one with the wmd 45 minutes) and the security services?

    Obviously not because absoltutley anyone could launch a terrorits attack in briatain.

    It really is an unhealthy situation when an apparently "democraitc" country can bombard its people with non stop propoganda  which is pure lies.

    They have no respect for any principles of justice freedom of democracy and are a danger to us all.  

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    If you bombard people with propoganda for long enough then nearly any action can be justified. Just look what happened in Germany during the 40’s . By the end of it most Germans saw little if anything wrong as their government marched millions of people to the gas chambers.

    Sure why would they see a problem. They had been being brain washed for years. Started of that the jews were responsible for the defeat in WW1 then they were responsible for the failing ecopnomy by the end they had covinced everyone that they were a vermin race who were polluting the rest of the human race.

    I’m sure if you asked anyone in Germany in 1918 if they could ever imagine a situation in which people in germany would be scientifically tested on and sent to death camps they would have never have beleived you. But by 1940’s  you would be hard pressed to find many who would  disagree with such practices.

    What changed? Twenty odd years of brain washing through state propoganda.

    What relevence does this have to modern day britain? <br>Apparently there is a web of terror out there waiting to strike( watch the news ……..apparently its a fact !?!?!)

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    Anyone who is interested in this subject has to see <br>"The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear" <br>Recently shown on the BBC this documentary will blow your mind and you will see the current situation in a whole new light.

    Not sure if you can buy this but if you can its worth every penny.

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    John  prescott is one lucky guy.

    Lucky that the web of terror and all its affiliated Al Queda cells never thought to attack the memebers of the British Government directly in their attempt to stop Britsh freedom and democracy.

    Actually. Maybe i am being a little bit nieve in thinking that the network/web of terror never thought to attack members of the government. Surely a eveil , well organised terror group would straight away think of such a tactic.

    It must be down to Mr Blairs  war on "terror" and the great homeland security that no one has ever got near Mr Prescotts home. Good work guys. And thank you for making the world a safer place.

    Lets just hope these webs of extremists never realise the potential a ladder has or else we is all fooked.<br>

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    Looks like Prezza has been given a lesson in both security and the enviorment as the eco warriors have managed to get on to his roof and install a couple of solar panels for his approval. Great stuff!!!!

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    You might be laughing now, Nixer.

    But I read recently that recent satelite photographs have shown that Iran is manufacturing ladders.

    Not just any old ladders, but ladders that can be leaned up against a wall in under 45 minutes.

    It’s just as well we have a government that is tough on terrorism or we’d be in trouble.  


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    I heard a rumor that Colonel Powel will be making a shock comeback tour with a stadium concert style appearence at the united nations to close the tour off.

    That UN show is meant to be unbelievably good. He’s gona have all sorts of extras… pictures of ladders .. satelite picture of how ladders are being moved all over the iranian desert…anything that shows the iranians have ladders is in this show.  The review  i read said his show is unquestionably the most conclusive show around.

    Apparently Iran plans to distribute these ladders to all sorts of franchise stores located all over America and Britain. It’s a real shock move because there has been no indication that there existed a ladder market in britain before now. But in Powell’s show he clearly and conclusivly demonstrates  that the export of the ladders is only a short time away.

    That 45 minute ladder sounds sweet. If the ever open a store in Ireland I’m defo getting one.

    dave jay
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    Ten things about ladders.

    • <br>
    • The European Onion currently passing a law which will outlaw the use of ladders on between, 11am and 3pm mid-week and completely at weekends. This is so all the Southern Europeans don’t get woke up (or offended) when they are having a kip.<br>
    • Iran actually means ‘ladder’ in Flemish.<br>
    • The world’s largest manufacturer of ladders is Sweden.<br>
    • It is illegal to take a ladder on an aeroplane already.<br>
    • A Ramsey Ladder isn’t a ladder at all.<br>
    • Ladders pose a real and serious threat to the security of this country and could be smuggled into Syria by blokes in flat caps on push bikes.<br>
    • A professional terrorist with a ladder is called a Ladderist.<br>
    • Ladders are banned from circuses to stop people who suffer from vertigo being offended and getting a claim in.<br>
    • Ladders were invented in 1999 by Margret Beckett.<br>
    • My favourite rung on a ladder is the third.<br>


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    Afghanistan had been developing its own ladders of mass destruction – at the behest of Osama Bin Ladder – for years. Was a real bugger getting them out of the caves when completed, though.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

    dave jay
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    The word ladder, in Polish, is worth 78 points when played in scrabble and that’s not including any double or triple word bonus.

    Ladder spelt backwards is reddal, which isn’t a word.

    The Taliban stopped the production of heroine in Afghanistan, almost completely and they never had any ladders. In fact they were banned .. !!

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    After requests by the Americans, Canada has beefed up border and airport security to an all time high since that memorable date.

    My wife was held for 6 hours on Monday after trying to board a British Airways flight to the UK while having a ladder in her stockings.

    The Mounties took numerous photographs of the suspected items from all angles and put them under very close examination…………………before asking her to remove them.

    As yet, they have not been returned!!!!

    She was allowed to continue on a later flight, but without stockings.

    I feel the world is a lot safer with these precautions in place. Attention to detail is everything.


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    Apparently, in the recently concluded Wood Green "ricin" case (you know, the one where there was no ricin, just instructions from the internet) there was a piece of evidence so shocking that it was kept from the public to prevent wide-spread panic.

    Apparently this guy had printed off instructions on how to assemble a ladder from the Ikea website.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m off to the shops to buy lots of canned goods and a big lock for my front door.


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    :laugh: @ everyone. Great stuff!

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