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4PP Championship 2019 – Result

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    bob rolfbob rolf
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    Thank you to David Cormack and TRF for the continued support throughout the season and many thanks to everyone that has taken part in this season’s competition

    the podium finish for season 2019




    Very well done to STEVE75 on being crowned 4PP Champion for 2019, STEVE75 has been top or around it throughout the season, turning in week after week of consistent good scores, helped in big part by selecting 10 winning nap selections over the 22 week season. Just 14 points back in the runner up place ANDREW_03 who took over at the top in August after a good second half to the season and was there until this final week. Another player who had a excellent second half to the season is third place player and August’s monthly winner DFWARD who was way down in 12th place in July
    Once again well done to STEVE75 on winning this season’s 4PP

    4th April 2019 to 31st August 2019
    Final League Table
    31st August (week 22 of 22)

    547 STEVE75
    533 Andrew_03
    511 Dfward
    510 Ted
    509 BigG
    491 LeeSH
    480 Steve H
    469 ChrissyE
    455 Pat123
    449 Laney7
    449 Bob Rolf
    434 John Williams
    423 Triptych
    418 J-Parsons
    414 Robnorth
    412 Hot Fuss
    411 TheKryptonFactor
    411 Archie
    410 Elcartero
    408 Londonharry2
    408 FappyR
    397 Michael Walsh
    386 Grey Desire
    376 Grundy
    370 Turn-of-foot
    370 Raycyn
    364 Anne7
    360 Kingmonkey
    360 BerieB
    353 Tetleys
    346 Nathan Hughes
    342 Justbetting
    334 Shevral
    332 Steveh31
    328 Mick Slade58
    321 Latefortheraces
    319 Over2u
    308 Rainyman
    305 Scratville
    301 Lyla40
    300 FisherMan70
    296 Yahoo
    291 Laver7
    290 Eddy7
    279 Brenda
    272 Sixtoone1
    271 Threewood3
    245 Greenasgrass
    225 Wyldesyde
    196 Silent Assassins
    187 Sea Pidgeon
    163 Middle of March
    113 RacingNews
    101 Goodfellow
    090 Aaronizneez
    062 Cantlow
    050 007canfordcliffs
    044 Mickymo
    000 Jackh1092

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Well done Steve75 top tipping
    Cheers Bob, always a weekend highlight your comp is, you can put your feet up for a while now

    Member since March 2008
    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    oh and anyone finishing below elcartero
    have a word with yourselves
    I’ve had a good long hard look in the mirror
    and will kick his butt next time…. :yes:

    Member since March 2008
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    Led from 4 out until inside final furlong, folded tamely…

    Well done Steve and many thanks Bob for the undoubted time and effort it must take to run this wonderful competition

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    Well done Steve75 you not only put in good scores on Bob’s 4PP but also on Select 3 Horses :good: Well deserved win..Inspired tipping every week. :yahoo:

    Bob many thanks for all the time you put into this competition I really enjoy taking part every week and just when I had a decent NAP all set to win next Saturday you shut up shop LOL.
    Look forward to your return but in the meantime get out there and enjoy the break.

    Well played to andrew 03, Dfward, Ted and BigG all hitting the 500+ I was pleased to get past the 400 and 13 points ahead of elcartero Nathan :yahoo:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Terrific stuff Steve, this is a tough contest to win, some great tipping there :good:
    Congrats to Andrew03 and dfward for getting on the podium, well played guys :good:

    Many thanks Bob for running this again this year, it’s a pile of work but very much
    appreciated. I’m glad that Steve was well in front at the end Bob, I though when I
    mistakenly didn’t put my entry in at the start of August, with the 3 I always transfer
    from Jac’s competition to here (plus 1 other), which we chatted about earlier, that it
    might come back to bite me. As it happens the 22 points I would have got from the 3 in
    Jac’s competition, wouldn’t have reeled Steve in in any case. I’ll try not to get caught
    out again when the new competition starts up, that’s if you can find the time and effort
    to keep it going. I hope you can mate :good:

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    Thank you for your prolonged hard work in collating the points weekly. . Well done Steve ,Andrew and everyone that took part .. I am obviously a stayer not a sprinter. I will be available for the medal ceremony anytime except 2 weeks on Thursday when I have to for memory re-training, I think

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    Many congrats to Steve and also very well done Andrew and DF on the podiun finish. Great tipping all round :)

    And as ever big thanks and kudos to Bob for all the hard work that goes into the comp for us :good:


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    Thank you everyone! Many thanks to Bob for running the competition – appreciated!

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    WD Steve great, consistently good tipping I can only dream of! Thanks Bob for all the hard work, enjoy your well deserved rest :good:

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    Huge respect for Steve75 for winning the 2019 4PP and Hot Fuss for taking the Daylight Cup.
    Many thanks to Bob for all his hard work as always and to David for making it all possible.

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    Well done Steve on a great effort also Andrew and dfward on finishing 2nd and 3rd and thanks as always to Bob for all the hard work each week.

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Someone give Bob a nudge
    I’m craving …. :whistle:

    Member since March 2008
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    I think he’s gone AWOL Nathan I thought it started earlier last year but don’t blame Bob for putting his cloppers up. ;-)

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    I Just looked on facebook
    He was out last night playing bowls
    tut tut

    Member since March 2008
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