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    Masses of non runners day after day, how long can the powers that be let this continue. Bad for owners, bad for punters, who exactly are the beneficiaries of this nonsense?

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    Spotlight writers.

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    Love ’em, personally.<br>Can browse Wednesday’s flat cards at leisure, bet on them before the next days out if I wish, knowing the probables, with the only risk being the vissicitudes of the weather, which have always been present.<br>Who knows, one day even the bookies/exchanges may become aware of the opportunity?

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    How is a steady stream and masses of non runners good for punters, reet hard you say you can back a day earlier if you wish but why would you want to and with whom?

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       I went to Haydock on Saturday and there were TWENTY <br>    non – runners .   To make matters worse there is no <br>    kind of prominent information board to give racegoers <br>    this information .  In fact , nowhere is there any <br>    indication of the prevailing going .

       The course betting shop had a list of non – runners but <br>    it should be Haydock ‘ s responsibility to provide this .

       As to the main point of why there were so many <br>    non-runners , the forecast going on the Thursday was <br>    good – firm , as it was on the day .   The non – runners <br>    were almost all from the handicaps .  The 13 runner <br>    2 – y – o maiden race only had one non-runner .  I take it<br>    the trainers ‘ reason for not running was the ground .

       In the opening sprint handicap I discounted Sierra  <br>    Vista ‘ s chance because she does not win on ground <br>    faster than good .  Trainer David Barker let her take her <br>    chance and she won .  <br> <br>     In fact , I only found out what the going was by asking   <br>     Mr Barker after the race .  Haydock Park certainlly  <br>     weren’t telling me !  <br>      <br>     I do like 48 – hour declarations because they give more <br>     time to study the form but loads of non-runners mess it <br>     all up . <br>    <br>    

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    who exactly are the beneficiaries of this nonsense?


    As I understand it, 48hr Dec’s where introduced so the BHB could sell the data to the Far Eastern markets. Therefore, in theory British racing benefits.

    Ps: Don’t shoot the messenger :biggrin:  

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    Quote: from thedarkknight on 12:47 pm on May 28, 2007<br>

    Can’t really see why it is that bad for them, especially as Rule 4s tend to favour the backer.

    That, coupled with the fact that punters have had more time to study the runners and work out their going preferences etc..,.<br>

    What about all the time wasted reading up the form on all these non runners thedarknight. Plenty of wasted time these last three days.<br>As for the R4’s, nothing more annoying that discounting a horse at say 4/1 because of the ground etc only for it to be withdrawn, something far more likely under 48 hour decs. <br>However long you study you still can’t have bet until the morning of the race in the vast majority of cases anyway can you?

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    Like RH, I’ve found the 48h decs a Godsend. I have far more time in which to study the form. I’m quite happy at the current level of non-runners and I certainly haven’t fancied any more non-runners under the 48h situation than I did under the precious circumstances.

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