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    Just, spotted this recording of a race from Japan posted in "HD" mode which makes playback fantastic.


    Great finish and an "excitable" commentary!

    Regards – Matron


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    Ah, the joys of left-handed sand racing.

    If you:
    – trebled the entrance cost
    – replaced the tens of thousands of spectators with fifteen men, two trilateral reps and a dog
    – replaced the Group One horses with ones 8 seconds a mile slower
    – knocked six zeroes of the tote turnover
    – switch Tony Culhane for Yutaka Take
    – got rid of a couple of stalls for ‘safety reasons’
    – replaced an entranced public with a jaded rump of die hards who still put with what the BHA dish out

    You would almost have Lingfield Park……….almost.

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    The Tenno Sho (Autumn) from last year tops this for excitable commentary. Hair-standing stuff. When Vodka pipped Daiwa Scarlet by a nostril.

    You haven’t lived unless you attend a major racemeeting in Japan. I cannot wait to attend.

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    I was watching some Japanese racing on You Tube a while back, and I remember what I thought was the some of the best commentary ever. Unfortunstely, despite my best efforts, I’ve not been able to locate it on You Tube now, but it involves Meisho Samson winning in a thrilling finish from (I think) Admire Moon, and as the commetator builds up into a frenzy, Meisho Samson passes Admire Moon about 20 yards from the finish, leading to the commentator screaming ‘MEISHOOOOOOOO SAAAAMMMMMSOOOOOOOONNN’ at a volume, that, quite frankly makes John Hunt sound like Whispering Ted Lowe!!

    Darren – AngloGerman

    ‘The Hungarian’s going hell for leather’ – Jim McGrath


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    Ah! Ascot System News how interesting :lol:


    Neil Watson
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    WOW what passion the Japanese have for their racing.

    Why is Wolverhampton not like this.

    You have to hand to the Japs though, they do know how to put on a show although the roar is not as good as the one at Cheltenham.

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