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    Hi everybody

    As everybody knows, Youtube is the second greatest invention in the history of the world behind the condom. There’s a lot of awesome **** on there and I figured I should start a thread where we can nominate clips that are worth watching.

    I’ll get the bowl rolling with about half a dozen of clips that made me **** myself with happiness.

    Bill Hicks get’s angry with ‘Freebird’ heckler
    <!– m –><!– m –>

    Stanley Jordan plays Stairway to Heaven – Best cover version of a song ever IMO
    <!– m –><!– m –>

    Grandma vs. Mercedes – Short but very sweet
    <!– m –><!– m –>

    Angry German Kid – Infamous clip. If you haven’t already watched it, you should.
    <!– m –><!– m –>
    These 2 clips wouldn’t be for everybody

    Doug Stanhope tells The Aristocrats joke
    <!– m –><!– m –>

    Sexxy Eddy vs. The Arsenal – Ultraviolent Tournament of Death III
    If you thought Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Steve Austin etc were tough, these guys make them (and the Dirty Sanchez lot for that matter) look like kittens. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE SQUEEMISH!!!
    <!– m –><!– m –>

    If anybody has stuff they’ve spotted on Youtube which is uber then put it here dude/dudette.

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    Everyone else is doing it, so here it is – the TRF You Tube thread.

    Just to start things off in some style –

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    You constantly surprise me Mully!! :o

    Jim JTS
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    Not youtube but… :biggrin:

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    I don’t buy much in the way of vinyl or CDs at present – partly though circumstance, partly through most of the stuff I like being available via this wonderful medium as well. Herewith a few personal highlights of 2006;

    ABERFELDY – Hypnotised<br><br>Did the weedy-as "Vegetarian Restaurant", as featured on the Rough Trade Indiepop Collection, but this is much more interesting. Dunno what the animal masks are about.

    AKALA – Shakespeare<br><br>Terrific UK hip-hop patter delivered over a jarring synth nicked from Tomcraft’s "Loneliness". Like Roots Manuva is worth ten dozen of your Dizzee Rascals, but will probably sell about as few. Pah

    ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT – Dead Funny<br><br>Some high-pitched blokes with beards doing indie dancefloor strangeness. Reminds me a bit of Blancmange as well, for some reason.

    BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Another Sunny Day<br><br>Predictably gorgeous track off the current album. Slick, literate, and almost certainly named after the notorious misanthropic late-1980s janglers of Sarah Records fame.

    BOARDS OF CANADA – Dayvan Cowboy<br><br>Characteristically eerie mix of electronica, found sounds and fuzzy noises from elusive Scottish brothers. Not a million miles away from The Field Mice’s Tilting At Windmills. This is a good thing.

    BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE – 7/4 Shoreline<br><br>Insistent alt.pop chug in rarely-used seven-four time signature.

    CAMERA OBSCURA – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken<br><br>The best yet from Scottish C86 revivalists. Nod to Lloyd Cole and a nearly-hit of his (also recorded by Sandie Shaw) in the title.

    CANSEI DE SER SEXY – Let’s Make Love (And Listen To Death From Above)<br><br>Brasil’s finest party girl band! (plus some bloke they met down the offie). May own some Tom Tom Club records.

    CLEARLAKE – It’s Getting Light Outside<br><br>Terrific minor chord and kettledrum-drenched pop in sharp suits. Bit Rialto-ish?

    THE CONCRETES – On The Radio<br><br>Deadpan Swedes doing Belle and Sebastian meets the Monkees meets the Carpenters. Seems to be about seventy-twelve of them. Full employment is clearly the order of the day over there. Impossibly lovely.

    DATAROCK – Computer Camp Love<br><br>Novelty song alert! Novelty song alert! Electronic nonsense concerning Commodore 64 computers, computer clubs circa 1985, and hormonal teenagers. Blatant rip-off of a grease lyric also.

    EAGLES OF DEATH METAL – I Want You So Hard<br><br>Here’s a big dumb rock stomp I’ve been enjoying in the last few weeks. SPOT THE SPECIAL GUEST STARS.

    ENTER SHIKARI – Sorry, You’re Not The Winner<br><br>Awesome – St Alban’s skinny white boy approximation of System Of A Down, but far grander than that either that or the lazy press tagging of them as “trance metalâ€ÂÂ

    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

    Jim JTS
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    Corm, look what you’ve started!!!

    <br>graysonsanorakyoutube is on tour! :biggrin:

    :point: Buttons!

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    The other half. The gift of music is one of the greatest gift… but I couldn’t find any, so here’s some atonal rubbish I quite like. I shall now leave the thread. For a bit.

    I’M FROM BARCELONA – We’re From Barcelona
    I’m assured this is not a wind-up. A 23-strong indie choir singing innocent love-songs to the Spanish capital. Like the Polyphonic Spree but in corduroy and cardigans.

    Novelty song alert #2! Salford keyboard mangler presents possibly the most disturbing sing-along line of the year.

    THE KNIFE – Like A Pen
    The follow-up to the track below. Some Bjork albums may be owned, Homogenic at least. Another quality video too.

    THE KNIFE – We Share Our Mother’s Health
    My favourite of the year so far. The sound of angry wasps from space (alright, Stockholm) invading your innards. Their “Heartbeats” was covered / wrecked by Jose Gonzales, but don’t let that put you off.

    LO-FI-FNK – Wake Up
    Two Swedish boys in vests doing something with some 80s synths they found.

    Superior acid-splashed glam techno loveliness, featuring the vocalist off of Armand van Helden’s “Flowerz”.

    METRIC – Monster Hospital
    Excellent, angular, insistent female-fronted rawk which owes much to early PJ Harvey, Sidi Bou Said and – in the chorus especially – Cardiacs. Warning: video contains blood.

    M83 – America
    Sad, beautiful beats, noise and samples. Somewhere between Mogwai and Third Eye Foundation, but dancier than either. Video contains petting.

    MOGWAI – Travel Is Dangerous
    Apart from the added vocals, typical Mogwai brilliance – quiet, quiet, VERY LOUD, quiet, VERY LOUD etc. work out.

    Warm electronic pop tune by some bloke in a suit with lots of retro keyboards I want to nick.

    NEW FLESH – Wherever We Go
    Terrific UK hip-hop currently not winning as many MOBOs as it rightly ought to. Bah.

    NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – Sing Me Spanish Techno
    Power pop off-shoot of assorted US titans, not least Neko Case And Her Boyfriends. Transvestite-heavy video.

    Deadpan electroclash action. Probably three years too late but I ain’t bovvered.

    OF MONTREAL – Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games
    Dreadful title for an otherwise top low-fi Beck-a-like workout. Lots of cute cartoon animals shooting each other on the video.

    PEEPING TOM – Mojo
    Brand new project of Mike Patton, ex-Faith No More, Mr Bungle, etc. Reminds me of a less heavy, less political version of PWEI’s Ich bin ein Auslaender, but I might be way off.

    PETER, BJORN AND JOHN – Young Folks
    Annoyingly catchy Scandinavian take on all things St Etienne. You’ll be whistling this tomorrow.

    PIPETTES – Pull Shapes
    The cool girls from finishing school.

    Fine, slight, plinky-plonky electronica with a European accent. Video has faintly strange, stalker-like undertones (should this man be left around weathergirls?) but looks nice.

    PSAPP-  Hi
    Laptronica. Treated piano. Detached female vocals. Charming animation of all the things in your home coming to life. What’s not to love?

    THE RESEARCH – The Hard Times
    Happy happy happy indiepop from Wakefield. Warning: contains ba-ba-baaaaaas.

    ROGER SISTERS – Why Won’t You
    Eponymous siblings – plus some bloke they dug up – eschew previous experimental atonal racket and have a go at some more straightforward raaaaawk. Simple and brutal.

    Nothing whatsoever to do with dreary old ex-Mr Carrie Fisher (thank flip), but instead a synthy thing untroubled by the need for anything as rudimentary as a chorus. Sounds strangely like the Grandstand theme tune.

    SERENA-MANEESH – Draincosmetics
    Norwegians who evidently regard My Bloody Valentine, Loop, Slowdive, etc. as the high point of human achievement. Yay, go them! Looks to be about 93 of them on the video, mostly on rhythmn guitar. Terrific, hypnotic fare.

    SHE WANTS REVENGE – Tear You Apart
    Minimal sinister stuff over a tinny drum machine. Played a lot on Kerrang TV, oddly.

    SOL SEPPY – Slo Fuzz
    Slow, grinding, but at the same time ethereal single from the solo project of sometime Sparklehorse member Sophie Michalitsianos.

    SOULS SHE SAID – Sunken City
    Tinny drum programming. Plaintive vocals. Walls of guitar. Yay! Scuzzy Melody Maker-approved, late 80s guitar noise revival starts here!

    SOULWAX – N.Y. Excuse
    The other thing these whacky Belgians do, apart from all those “2 Many Djs” b*****d
    pop mash-ups.

    Bit calmer than most of the stuff on here. Orchestra-tinged chamber pop with nods to Fugu, Beach Boys, etc.

    TO MY BOY – I Am X-Ray
    Don’t worry if you don’t like it – it’s very short. Choppy lo-fi Casiotone new-wave stuff. Some Devo records may be owned.

    VAN SHE – Kelly[/URL]
    Utterly 80s influenced. Fairlight synths! Mullets! Miami Vice wardorbe!

    YES BOSS – Indie Kids
    Tongue in cheek UK hip-hop about whiny white kids with guitars and tapes for Zane Lowe, etc.

    (Edited by graysonscolumn at 1:09 am on Oct. 14, 2006)

    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    Meanwhile up in the stratosphere:

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    Great stuff Grays and Wit – extremely interesting stuff.

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    That Shakira spoof was the funniest thing I have seen for ages. That was you doing the Shakira part wasn’t it? :laugh:

    Jim JTS
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    Kevin, I’d love to do Shakira :biggrin:

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    Jim even I’ve heard you look just like you :p

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    Grayson, my favourite from your lists is the song by the Russian Futurists, its really catchy.

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