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    As far as I am concerned they are a good idea turned bad.

    The nonstop prattle, FOB machine noise and promotional jingles are off-putting. Any serious form student knows that you need peace and quiet: ideally, betting shops would be a cross between a library, a decent pub and a gentleman’s club.

    I’ll go in a bookies’ to place a bet if I have been unable to make the wager online, but the idea of spending an afternoon in one holds little appeal. I used to spend the odd afternoon/evening in a decent Paddy Power but the psycho gamblers (punching the screen, yelling and calling down curses on horses and jockeys who are beaten fair and square) and illegal immigrants throwing their weight about became irksome. Most town centre betting shops in greater london are blighted by the various social sub-groupings that have become ever more emboldened and arrogant over the past 10 years.

    The abuse handed out to cashiers by chavs and Eastern European and Somalian migrants on a daily basis in a Corals I used to visit in south London was shocking. I used to tell the staff to call the police but they were very reluctant to. I got the feeling their ultra greedy bosses were concerned police action may have various negative effects, perhaps on licensing and profit.
    I started a running joke: ‘Can I see your passports please?’ It actually did make some shut up.

    The commentators are perfectly OK to call a race but the constant tacit persuasion to have a bet becomes an insult to the intelligence. I remember walking in a Ladbrokes one a day a couple of years ago. All the screens were just showing digital fuzz because the system was down. ‘OK, you can’t see anything,’ he said, ‘but don’t let that stop you having a bet.’
    Virtual racing: as William Haggas said: ‘It’s an insult to the intelligence.’

    I became friendly with the manager of a shop owned by one of the best known high street bookies. He told me that if a punter wins over a hundred pound twice in a day they have to start a ‘profile’ on him, noting his betting patterns, handwriting on a bet slip, and the type of races he is betting on. Top secret directive, he said. That gives you an idea of what these companies are really like.

    Ultimately, betting shops are just about rich companies rooking the poor, just as the find-the-lady crooks did at Epsom donkeys’ years ago. I would love to find a new sort of betting shop that was more like this forum, with enthusiasts involved, no machines, a bar and no bullshit. But it ain’t going to happen. I’m happy with betfair, an online bookie and my TV set.

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    FOBT pay out rate is set at between 97% and 98% in most cases. That’s why people play them so much – the perception of value is high because of the number of times money is returned.

    But as with AWPs, most people ‘play to extinction’, eventually losing their original stake.

    I never understand people criticising bookmakers. They are businessmen working to very tight margins and high costs. What would critics do in such a business, not try to maximise profit?

    Some say ‘there are no bookmakers any more because no one will lay a bet’. What they mean is there are no gamblers posing as bookmakers. A bookmaker’s job is to balance the books as often as possible.

    Would you do any different were you in the same business?

    That is basically it. Was having an argument in my shop today about this, the punters don’t get it, have no concept, and are inexcusably hooked. It is the ultimate get rich quick scheme. Case in point, 18 year old lad, turned £10 into £100, then lost it all and claimed the machine is ‘rigged’.

    They appeal to those in society who will keep churning the turnover of these machines, and ultimately convince bookmakers to apply for more and more, and focus their attention on FOBT rather than OTC trade. My Coral shop has more turnover and gross profit from FOBT’s – comfortably too.

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    i think bookies now consist of punters betting on the following. forecasts on the dogs/roulette/horses/virtual racing.

    in my opinion, the other three other than horses have no way of making you a significant build up of money, because greed will eventually get the better of you. as ive always said, if you follow the stewart simpson method, you will have better results than any advice given. thats if you have the patience.

    its ok saying that though, because you have to be very fu**ing good. handicaps all the way. imo i would say there are more people that dont know the functions of handicap racing than there is not, which is where the value lies.

    still, thats just my view on things.

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