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    only recently joined this forum,but have been around a long time.and not having been well for many years(in and out of hosp) and i have lost track. many years ago i used to have the raceform notebook. but i saw someone with this rather large book.when i asked what book it was he told me it was the raceform note book.when i used to have. you could put it in your pocket how times have chanced over the last five what book can you recommend

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    If you can afford it "Double", then use the Timeform Perspective, it is absolutely outstanding. I never bet without it. It comes in A4 sheets to fit in to a file three times a week, so may be not for taking to the races. It might be too late to get it for Cheltenham though.
    If you are just looking for a Cheltenham form book then the weekly Timeform Black Book Cheltenham Issue might be your best bet, probably around £20 or £22 these days (have not got it for some time).
    Failing that the Timeform Race Card.

    As you can probably see I am a Timeform addict.

    Best of luck mate in your hunt for a form book, and hope the health problems are behind you.


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    Ugly Mare
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    Hello trouble,

    I’m sorry to hear of your health problems and of course hope you’re feeling much better. There always seems to be something going wrong with us :x

    These form books you mention, the old ones, are you referring to those thick blue books I think they were called Racing Up to Date or Formbook, I can’t quite remember, but used to have quite a few of those from the 60’s. There was a nice shop in Victoria, London that used to sell them.

    I believe now you can get an AW Formbook – so I’m told – did you know? some people like to read it in bed apparently :mrgreen:

    all the best

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    I believe now you can get an AW Formbook – so I’m told – did you know? some people like to read it in bed apparently

    I thought it was cook books that people read in bed these days UM? :shock:

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    yes i used to have timeform.and raceform notebook.but as i am retired i find them a little above my head.(price wise) i just wondered if there was any new ones had come out.i did have a sample from (computer racing form) published by racing research.and for the timeform peop. he used to work for timeform in phil bulls time. his name is john whitley. but he is not cheap.he say"s the overall losses are les than 1per cent .i want to thank for your reply.and good wishes.this is a brilliant forum and some good laughs to

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    The size of formbooks has become an eye opener for anyone that hasn’t used them in a while. I was in Waterstone’s the other day and there was a book the size of three house bricks jutting off the shelf sideways as it wouldn’t fit in the normal way – turned out to be the official form book that used to be the size of a normal paperback. I think we have Peter Savill to thank.

    I would have thought a computerised formbook would be the way to go. Raceform do one as do Timeform. Timeform’s sucks some very big plums indeed at the moment but they keep promising us that things can only get better. Indeed it’s so unusable that I had to get some hired labour to type the useful stuff from TF perspective into a computer for me. It took a wheelbarrow to take it down to the Post office and thirteen snarlers to post it him.

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    I use Superform and have done for several years without problems. I find it is easy to understand and is not expensive and the service has been good and can be sent 3 times a week with a separate section for the all weather in the winter. I don’t personally like the layout of Raceform and have never tried Timeform.

    I’m not into ratings and just want a formbook which I can use to mark the form etc.


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    If money is tight Double I wouldn’t bother buying a formbook at all. All you need is available free on the net, mostly on and it’s much quicker than leafing through a book- so 20th century!

    Ugly Mare
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    I thought it was cook books that people read in bed these days UM? :shock: that so? I wouldn’t have thought this figured high on your list of bedtime delights CR.

    I know what you Dubliners are like :mrgreen:

    ..oh I see your Co. Cork..sorry, same applies!

    no idea
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    Superform is excellent.

    I used to get the paper version but now use the internet which is cheaper and quicker.

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    It’s so strange that the opinions of Timeform are: "you either like it, or you don’t", and that is incredibly true. I really give little time for Timeform – most Australians are of the same opinion.

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    I did have the Raceform Interactive product but I didn’t enjoy reading the form book on a computer screen so I’ve now subscribed to Raceform’s Form Book – Flat and Jumps.

    Costs just over £50 each month and covers all GB and Ireland racing.

    However, I take Swallow’s point about the layout of Raceform, I think it could be improved.

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