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    Has anyone congratulated TDK yet?

    Seemed Corals went out on a helluva limb there on Denman. The art of odds compiling not completely exchanged out just yet.

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    Has anyone congratulated TDK yet?

    ….come on, Corals were 6/4, 2/1 and 7/1 about Denman, Kauto and Exotic last DECEMBER!!!

    Congratulations my arse.

    No offence TDK.

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    I know WHills were always on Denman’s side.

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    I know what your saying, but does anyone really give a toss about a corporate company making millions regulary making more money? On a personal level, well done, and well done to all the staff I know at Corals putting in 12 hour shifts for £6 a hour and no overtime, but Christ we’ll being thanking the tax man next! I’m sure The Dark one will be partying it up somewhere with the boys in light blue!

    Findlay comes out as the legend in all this (sorry TDK)!

    Can’t agree with that. Denman comes out as the legend in all this and if anyone else deserves a pat on the back it is Paul Nicholls and his staff.

    At the end of the day all Findlay does is spout hot air (god how cringeworthy was that RUK interview?) and he is just lucky that his mother part-owns a quite wonderful racehorse.

    As for Coral – no-one is forced to bet with us, but plenty of people clearly thought we were offering value on Kauto star throughout the winter as we laid considerable amounts on the horse. We just took a view after the Hennessy that we really didnt want to be layers of Denman for this….

    Don’t worry though – I won’t be getting too big for my boots. It is only 24 hours since the two horses we set out to lay in the Champion Chase finished 1-2 and the horses we ducked ran like corpses. That is how it goes in this game – one minute you think you are brilliant, the next you are back down to earth with a bump.

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    TDK took an immediate ultra-positive view of Denman’s Hennessy win that was out of line with that of the majority, particularly – at that early stage – his well-argued clear preference for D over KS in the GC; and his faith in the horse has remained resolute ever since.

    Took a strong view, proven right.

    For that much congratulations are in order.

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    Well done TDK, your glass of vino is hopefully tasting extra-good tonight!

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    Don’t worry m8 – if anyone thinks they are a "legend" based on calling one horse race right then they should be rehoused in secure accommodation – and I don’t want or need any credit from you or indeed anyone else.

    At the end of the day I don’t know what your problem is here – if we go shortest about the horse, it hasn’t caused anyone to lose any money – it is just likely that anyone wanting back Denman has placed their bet elsewhere!

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    and he is just lucky that his mother part-owns a quite wonderful racehorse



    bitchy bookmaker lol

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    Marb – “I know what your saying, but does anyone really give a toss about a corporate company making millions regulary making more money?”

    TDK is a regular poster on the forum who is also prepared to put up an opinion on here (and very often his opinions are vindicated by results). I don’t think anyone was congratulating Corals (and nothing wrong with that if they were either) but rather simply pointing out that one of our fellow forumites had got it right.

    “I won’t give you any more credit just because you work for corals as an odds compiler than any other poster on this forum, and you should expect that” – and nor should you give him any less.

    Don’t know what all the corals staff – £6 an hour nonsense was about – what’s that got to do with the Gold Cup and/or TDK’s view on it?

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    It’s easy for some gas-bag to come on here and spout hot air about laying this horse and that horse, or lumping on so-and-so. It’s a lot harder to lay a 180-rated chaser against a beast barely out of the novice company to the tune of millions.

    Well done TDK.

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    Unusual for a bookie to actually take an opinion nowadays. The exchanges seem to lead all. "Big Mac" mostly incorrectly espouses "X knew" whenever a firm is half a point shortest in the morning on any winner. In this case we knew why Corals were shortest about Denman and longest about Kauto and this time they were right.

    Good call TDK. (Much less so the generally lauded Ladbrokes who seemed to want to get Denman more than anyone today).

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    Well done TDK – job should be safe for another year. :)

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    Thanks RH

    Marb, sounds like you have had a long week .

    Sit down and re-read the thread when you have calmed down – there is certainly no nastiness intended whatsoever.

    Colin Little
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    Probably all the sweeter for Corals because Ladbrokes didn’t seem to "know". Although they did manage to get Denmans SP about right.

    Well done Corals & TDK for being prepared to back their opinions.

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    I think Ladbrokes were probably using the race to open plenty of accounts and get lots of business on the day.

    They went 5/4 KS and 2s Denman on the day which means that assuming they laid both horses, they were taking less than 4-1 about the other runners. That sounds like a poor value bet to me, but in fairness they may have been taking a longer term view in that punters who bet with them will come back to them and bet in other races.

    We thought about going 5/4 Kauto on the day, but took the view that if Denman didn’t win then KS almost certainly would and we didn’t particularly want to chase his price out. As it was, we laid plenty of KS as he shortened on the day and laid nearly all of the other runners ew as well.

    As i said earlier in this thread we get them wrong sometimes and had had only a fair week up until the Gold Cup after MAster Minded and Alberta’s Run. Denman winning was huge as I don’t think I have seen a bigger swing on our fieldbook (between KS and Denman) in the 10 or so years I have been doing this.

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