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Wednesday 6th Dec

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    I lost  6.03pts on the day…..When going through the cards last night i changed my mind on Zaiffie Parson 6pts & crossed it out <br>Im sure i  don’t have to tell you what a Ass i felt when it won @ 6/1……So ive decided from now on there is no holding back or thinking about it……Like the Nike adverts = Just do it

    <br>Wednesday 6th

    Hexham<br>12.20 Acropolis  3pts<br>12.50 The Reverend  3pts<br>1.50 Through The Rye  1pt<br>2.50 Assumetheposition  4pts<br>3.20 Minister Abbey  2pts

    Leicester <br>1.30 Kildee Lass  6pts<br>2.00 Neysauteur  5pts<br>2.30 Kilgowan  1pt<br>3.00 Digital Fortress  1pt

    Wolverhampton<br>3.50 Eau Good  1pt <br>4.50 Dress To Impress  4pts<br>5.20 Josh  2pt<br>5.50 Happy As Larry  2pt

    Profit now 59.97 = 60pts…..I know im losing a few points each day since the BIG kill last week  but im happy enough with the way its going as i know this is a bad little run & the next bit of luck is only around the corner = maybe if it ever stops raining…

    Deano H
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    12.20 Lowsha Green 1pt<br>12.50 The Reverend 3pts<br>1.20 –<br>1.50 Tou Chez 1pt<br>2.20 Bestofthebrownies 1pt<br>2.50 –<br>3.20 Dance The Mambo 2pts

    Leicester<br>1.00 Bob Hall 1pt<br>1.30 Kildee Lass 3pts<br>2.00 Neysauteur 3pts<br>2.30 Vicario 1pt<br>3.00 Copper Bay 2pts<br>3.30 Lisrona 0.5 pt ew

    Wolverhampton<br>3.50 High Tribute 5pts<br>4.20 –<br>4.50 –<br>5.20 El Coto 0.5 pts ew<br>5.50 Exit to Luck 1pt<br>6.20 Saltrio 1pt

    27pts staked

    Good Luck.

    Deano H
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    Some winners today albeit short priced, another ‘nearly day’ with some decent priced place horses

    3 Winners (6-4, 4-5 & 4-5)<br>3 Seconds (16-1, 12-1 & 16-1)<br>4 Thirds (3-1, 1-4, 7-1 & 7-2 )

    Plus 1 N/R

    Dissapointments…The Reverend, Dance The Mambo, Neysauteur & High Tribute.:(

    Not too bad elswhere.:cool:

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