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tuesday 23rd

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    non runner yesterday.<br>two bets for tuesday.

    12.40 southwell cool tiger e/w<br>2.40   southwell mind alert<br>i like the look of both of these but Mind alert has to be the best bet.


    15th jan 07  RAFFERTY odds on no bet. <br>16th jan Gifted lass e/w. placed 9/2 +1/2 <br>16th jan Desert opal win. unplaced -1 <br>balance -1/2 <br>17 jan george the second place advised won 5-1(arrg)+1.5 <br>17th jan Heavens Walk e/w lost -2 <br>20th task complete unplaced -2 <br>20th mandarin spirit 5-1 placed +1/4 <br>20th maltese falcon 11/2 plced +1/4 <br>20th marajaa lost -1 <br>21st Lady Hopeful  placed 9/2 +1/4

    <br>balance -3 1/4 level stakes

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    Sedgefield.<br>13:30 GUNADOIR +2<br>14:00 COLLEGE CITY +1<br>14:30 IRIS DE BALME +2<br>15:30 ISHKA BAHA +1<br>16:00 ISSAQUAH +1<br>Southwell.<br>12:40 LUCIUS VERRUS +2<br>13:40 BRIDGET’S TEAM +1<br>14:10 NEWS OF THE DAY +2<br>14:40 COUNT COUGAR +1<br>15:10 PASS THE PORT +2<br>16:10 PASO DOBLE +1<br>Thurles.<br>No selections

    <br>Today’s Total Recommended Stakes = 16 points

    Monday’s List gave 0 winners from 2 selections,a strike rate of 0%.<br>Highest s.p: None<br>Lowest s.p: None<br>Level Stakes Profit/Loss: – 2.00<br>Recommended Profit/Loss: – 3.00<br>January’s Stats.<br>105 winners from 388 selections (14n.r), a strike rate of 28%<br>Highest s.p: 10/1<br>Lowest s.p: 2/9<br>Level Stakes Profit/Loss: – 52.85<br>Recommended Profit/Loss: – 17.43<br>

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