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    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Tips for weekend Dec 14th/15th in here please.[/color:1nkyrbpv]

    [b:1nkyrbpv]TRF 2013/2014 WINTER TIPPING COMPETITION

    RULES AND RESULTS[/b:1nkyrbpv]

    [b:1nkyrbpv]TIMES OF COMPETITION -[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    Competition starts 16th November – Paddy Power Gold Cup day, ends 5th April – Grand National day (so Sunday of Grand National weekend does not count). In the event of the race being postponed the competition will continue on to the new date.

    Qualifying days – Every SATURDAY and SUNDAY between those dates, PLUS BOXING DAY and ALL days at the CHELTENHAM and AINTREE FESTIVALS in the Spring.

    TRFers may select in ALL WEATHER FLAT racing as well as over JUMPS; in BRITAIN or IRELAND.

    Selections can be posted from the time final declarations are known. FEEL FREE to start a thread for a particular week if one is not already in operation.[/color:1nkyrbpv]

    STRICTLY NO EDITS – although TRFers can add selections with more than one post per day’s racing – once a selection has been made it can NOT be withdrawn.

    [b:1nkyrbpv]THE AIM –[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    Simply to try and get as much profit to LEVEL STAKES as possible. To find TRF’s most profitable tipster and to see how we all stack up against the legendary Tom Segal, Pricewise.

    [b:1nkyrbpv]WHAT TYPE OF BETS ARE ALLOWED AND WHEN? –[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    For ease of scoring WIN singles ONLY, at either SP, TOTE or BOARD PRICE with a named bookmaker. SP and TOTE selections MUST be made before 12:00 mid-day. In the event of races run before 12:00 any selections for those races will obviously need to be put up BEFORE off time. BOARD PRICES taken MUST be nominated BEFORE 9:00AM morning of race and from one of the 10 “Eligible Bookmakers” below (Stan James added to list)[/color:1nkyrbpv]. We will do spot checks on availability of prices. Anyone posting bogus odds will be (a) banned from the competition and (b) held up to ridicule.
    Any selection without nominating a BOARD or TOTE Price will be treated as SP.
    BOARD prices nominated AFTER 9:00 am on day of race will be treated as SP.
    Dead heats settled at half stake to full odds.

    [b:1nkyrbpv]HOW MANY SELECTIONS ARE ALLOWED? –[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    To cut down on time scoring TRFers are limited to UP TO a MAXIMUM of [b:1nkyrbpv]12[/b:1nkyrbpv] selections PER [b:1nkyrbpv]WEEKEND[/b:1nkyrbpv]. For anyone posting more – only the first 12 named will count. Obviously if using all allotted 12 on a Saturday leaves nothing left for the Sunday.[/color:1nkyrbpv]

    TRFers do not need to post on all 21 weekends, as long as a MINIMUM of 1 selection is made for [b:1nkyrbpv][u:1nkyrbpv]11[/color:1nkyrbpv][/u:1nkyrbpv][/b:1nkyrbpv] or more[/color:1nkyrbpv] [b:1nkyrbpv][u:1nkyrbpv]WEEKENDS[/color:1nkyrbpv][/u:1nkyrbpv][/b:1nkyrbpv] (ie either SATURDAY or SUNDAY or BOTH).[/color:1nkyrbpv] Failure to do 11 will result in DISQUALIFICATION!

    All CHELTENHAM and AINTREE FESTIVAL days (in March and April respectively) and BOXING DAY restricted to MAXIMUM 12 selections [b:1nkyrbpv]PER DAY[/b:1nkyrbpv].[/color:1nkyrbpv]

    UP TO 3 selections PER RACE in whatever race you like. It’s your choice. Obviously posting 3 in a race uses up a quarter of the allotted number of weekend selections. For anyone posting more than 3 selections in a race only the first 3 named will count.

    [b:1nkyrbpv]NON-RUNNERS –[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    For ease of scoring NO rule 4 deductions will be made.
    Non-runners will NOT be counted towards the allowed 12, so if selecting what turns out to be a non-runner (a) The original horse will be VOID. (b) If in time for the 12:00 deadline TRFers may decide to choose another selection.[/color:1nkyrbpv]

    [b:1nkyrbpv]PRICEWISE –[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    Pricewise each way selections will be counted as win bets. Only those published in the paper – i.e no Pricewise Extra selections. If two Pricewise selectors give tips on the same day – only Tom Segal’s tips to count. If Tom Segal is not tipping on a day – his stand-in’s tips will count.

    NB. Bookmakers get to know who Pricewise is going for by 7:00 or 8:00pm the night before racing; artificially shortening up his selections to limit liabilities (knowing Pricewise dominates the early day of race markets). Therefore, any TRFer taking a price on a Pricewise selection will be given Pricewise odds. ie Even if tipping a Pricewise horse up when only 12/1 is available – TRFers will be given the same 16/1 odds as in Tom’s column… That way it stops Tom from taking a price that is (in effect) not really available to the rest of us.
    Anyone taking a price bigger than in Pricewise column (eg on the afternoon the day before racing) will be credited with those bigger odds.[/color:1nkyrbpv]

    [b:1nkyrbpv]ELIGIBLE BOOKMAKERS –[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    1 Bet 365
    2 Betfred
    3 BetVictor
    4 Blue Square
    5 Boyles
    6 Corals
    7 William Hills
    8 Ladbrokes
    9 Paddy Power
    10 Stan James[/color:1nkyrbpv]

    [b:1nkyrbpv]SELF SCORING –[/b:1nkyrbpv]
    To help cut down time spent by those scoring this competition and to get the scores up quicker – PLEASE try and do your OWN SCORING if at all possible (not a necessity, just appreciated). Instead of TRFers just claiming how much they’re up/down over the day/weekend in question… it would be preferable to QUOTE selections AND ADD IN which ones WON, at what PRICE and NON-RUNNERS. So scorers can see instantly where the claimed profit/loss comes from.

    eg Instead of saying just “+3 for me this week”, where the scorer still has to look back and go through the whole lot of selections to make sure the amount claimed is correct…

    Something like:

    2:30 Kempton
    Whodathoughtit 7/1

    3:35 Kempton
    4:00 Haydock
    Didntseehim 9/4 Non-runner
    Justgotbeat 7/2

    3:45 Cheltenham
    Getinthere 6/1 1st Return 7
    Notabadday 8/1
    [b:1nkyrbpv][END QUOTE][/b:1nkyrbpv]

    Stakes 4, Return 7, Profit +3″

    Tips for weekend Dec 14th/15th in here please.[/color:1nkyrbpv]

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    Hot FussHot Fuss
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    6:50 Wolverhampton – Lowther @ 12/1 (Bet Fred)

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    Chelt 12.10: Vincenzo Mio 5/2 Wm Hill
    Chelt 12.40: Shutthefrontdoor 11/8 Betfred


    Triptych’s selections:

    6.50 Wolverhampton …. Lowther 12/1 BetFred
    12.40 Cheltenham …….. Sam Winner 4/1 Stan James
    1.15 Cheltenham ……… Eastlake 6/1 BetVictor
    1.50 Cheltenham ……… Potters Cross 8/1 Ladbrokes
    3.25 Fairyhouse ……….. Klinnsmann (SP)

    peter .hpeter .h
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    Astracad 9/1 (SkyBet)

    Milan Bound 11/2 (William Hill)
    Potters Cross 8/1 (Ladbrokes)

    Easter Meteor 14/1 (Bet365)
    Colour Squadron 6/1 (BetVictor)

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    14:25 Colour Squadron @ 6’s (WH and L)
    14:25 Salut Flo @ 9’s (generally)

    They were posted in pricewise column but wasn’t Tom, was some matey called Mel Cullinan.

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    12.40 Cheltenham – Shutthefrontdoor 11/8 various

    Member since March 2008
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    1:15 Chelt – Drumsahambo (8/1 Stan James)
    2:25 Chelt – Colour Squadron (5/1 various)
    3:35 Chelt – Salubrious (3/1 Lads)
    3:15 Donc – Bears Affair (4/1 various)
    12:40 Chelt – Le Bec (2/1 various)

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    12:40 Cheltenham
    Le Bec 2/1 (L)

    value is everything
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    12.10 Cheltenham – Vicenzo Mio (5-2 Hills)
    12.40 Cheltenham – Sam Winner (7-2 Corals)
    1.15 Cheltenham – Shooters Wood (11-1 BetVictor)
    1.00 Doncaster – Karinga Dancer
    1.35 Doncaster – Purple Bay (5-1 Paddy Power)
    1.25 Lingfield – Even If (9-2 Stan James)
    3.05 Lingfield – Ultragold (6-1 BetVictor)
    1.45 Southwell – Bonnie Fairy (7-1 Paddy Power)
    6.50 Wolverhampton – Epic Battle (9-2 Paddy Power)
    8.20 Wolverhampton – Seek The Fair Land (3-1 BetVictor)
    9.20 Wolverhampton – Proper Charlie (12-1 Paddy Power)

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    12:40 Cheltenham
    Le Bec 2/1 (L)

    2:25 Cheltenham
    Colour Squadron 5/1 (various)

    value is everything
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    12:05 Southwell – George Benjamin @ 13/8 (BV)
    12:10 Cheltenham – Kentucky Hyden @ 13/8 (BF)
    12:30 Fairyhouse – Upazo @ Evs (PP)
    13:50 Cheltenham – Kings Palace @ 5/4 (various)
    14:05 Doncaster – Royal Irish Hussar @ 4/6 (coral)
    14:25 Cheltenham – Grandioso @ 7’s (SJ)
    18:50 Wolverhampton – Solar Deity @ 100/30 (BF)
    20:50 Wolverhampton – Arctic Feeling @ 7’s (Various)

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    1.15 Anquetta(28/1 Stan James)
    2.25 Double Ross(10/1 WH) and Tap Night(28/1 Stan James)

    1.35 Lightening Rod(18/1 Bet365)

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    Cheltenham 2.25 Ma Filleule
    Doncaster 11.55 Any Given Moment
    Lingfield 12.50 Henry King
    Lingfield 2.30 Knight Of Pleasure
    Southwell 1.10 Silly Billy

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    3.35 Cheltenham – More of That @ 11/4 (Various)
    12.40 Cheltenham – Shutthefrontdoor @ 6/4 (Betfred)
    1.50 Cheltenham – Milan Bound @ 11/2 (Will Hill)
    2.25 Cheltenham – Easter Meteor @ 16/1 (Bet Victor)

    bob rolfbob rolf
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    Hi all

    Layla’s Boy 7.20 Wolverhampton

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