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    Red Rum 77
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    Hi Bob, nice at the top. B-) Bristol didn’t score for me in this comp. But did on the tote version. Currently number 38 with my best list but won’t lasts would it. :good:

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    WD Roses and everyone else with points…especially Bobby’s team of odds and sods!!

    Venture to Cognac
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    Thanks guys, it’s unheard of, but I’ll be back down to earth this time next week.

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    Congratz to all who scored points this week, especially Roses who kept the faith in BDM. Good to see you in first Bobby – keep it going.

    The Ante-Post King
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    I demand a re-count Bob.. 😲😲😲.. You are historically bottom of this leader board for 99% of competition.. Thinking that Lostintranslation would win yesterday I was going to offer a £50 bonus to whoever was leading this morning… Thinking it would bound to be me.. 😂😂😂😂.. Am bloody glad I didn’t now.. 🤬🤬🤬🤬
    Well done pal.. Said in my Donald trump true sporting loser tone.. Its gonna be an exciting one this.

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    Bob, I agree with TAPK, you really are taking the mickey in the battle for bottom place this season!

    Venture to Cognac
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    Loads of you scoring today with Appreciate It, and Minella Indo.

    A very good day for Alien, Dac, and Highflyer, who had the pair of them, and Alien had the added bonus of Minella Indo as star horse.

    Appreciate It 11.10
    Minella Indo 26.1

    Venture to Cognac
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    Thanks guys, I’ll enjoy it one more day.

    lol Gord, I would’ve loved to have taken your cash off you.

    Rob, be patient, I’ll be back to keep you company very soon no doubt.

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    Thanks for all the hard work Bobby! Happy to finally get some points on the board too!

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    Well done Andre (Alien) :good: You’ve chosen another nice star horse this year in Minella Indo.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Venture to Cognac
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    Yeah, great day Alien, and nice double for you Dac, and Highflyer.

    Venture to Cognac
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    Far too many of you to mention with Shishkin, but nice star horse for Nathan, and TYT continues his great start, and takes over at the top.

    Shishkin 11.10

    Venture to Cognac
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    Five of you had Thyme Hill, including Fair Along, who looks to have a nice star horse on his hands.

    Thyme Hill 24.4

    TakeYourTime 102.7
    Venture to Cognac 98.9
    The Antepost King 98.8
    Diamond Geezer 92
    Tonge 91.6
    JamieDB9007 90.8
    Euroalien 87.7
    Thehorsesmouth 86.1
    Dactylographer 84.9
    Goodfellow 75
    Highflyer1 71.8
    Fantastic Fair Along 71.1
    Autumnal 70.5
    PigsInBlankets 65
    Waroftheroses 63.8
    Gladiateur 61.8
    Coops72 60
    BigG 55.3
    Hot Fuss 55.2
    InTheStream 53.5
    Red Rum 77 53.5
    Shotta Sheriff 50.5
    GDC 48.9
    John Gooch 48.4
    Middle of March 47.1
    Flyers Nap 38.3
    Triptych 38.3
    FinalFurlong91 35.5
    Steve75 35.5
    Bladeblaster 33.8
    Nathan Hughes 33.4
    Rob North 25.6
    Wyldesyde 25
    All Jeff 23.1
    Buckers 23.1
    Cormack15 23.1
    Kris 23.1
    Lemons68 23.1
    Mike007 23.1
    007CanfordCliffs 22.3
    Greenasgrass 22.3
    Mincamus 11.2
    Aaronizneez 11.1

    Top Horses
    Bristol De Mai 52.7
    Imperial Aura 36.6
    Master Tommytucker 34
    Notebook 29.6
    The Storyteller 29.5
    Cyrname 28.3
    Greaneteen 27.6
    Abacadabras 27.4
    Put The Kettle On 27.2
    Minella Indo 26.1
    Thyme Hill 24.4
    Bachasson 22.8
    Sceau Royal 21.5
    Felix Desjy 17.4
    Presenting Percy
    The Big Breakaway 13.3
    Janidil 13.2
    Elvis Mail 12.8
    Clan Des Obeaux 12
    Fiddlerontheroof 11.9
    Ballyadam 11.6
    Annamix 11.5
    Easywork 11.5
    Asterion Forlonges 11.3
    Chantry House 11.2
    Ferny Hollow 11.2
    Appreciate It 11.1
    Quilixios 11.1
    Shishkin 11.1

    Saturday 28th November

    Ladbroke Trophy (Bonus Race)Cloth Cap
    Danny Whizzbang
    La Bague Au Roi

    1130 Fairyhouse

    1240 Newbury
    Southfield Stone

    1301 Fairyhouse
    Queens Brook

    1336 Fairyhouse
    Gars De Sceaux

    1405 Newcastle
    Sceau Royal

    1425 Newbury
    Marie’s Rock

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    Don’t know how many,if any, nominated this one but Shewearsitwell has had a slight setback, stable are hoping that it is minor and looking to run her later in the season, how much later not possible to say.

    Venture to Cognac
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    Thanks Geezer. Yeah, there’s a couple got her mate.

    I’ll make sure she’s in the update for The Transfer Window.

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