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    It has been announced that Tom Scudamore will be Number 1 Jockey at David Pipes..<br>He has been riding like a demon recently, and i think he deserves it, he has been loyal to the yard for many years now….

    He also has just taken on the smart lad from Jonjo’s Johnny Farrelly, so has a strong team for this next season….

    DAVID PIPE has expressed his delight at renewing the famous Pipe-Scudamore partnership after revealing Tom Scudamore is to become his stable jockey at Pond House.

    Pipe has enjoyed a fantastic first season at the helm since taking over the reins from his record-breaking father Martin, but until now had not appointed a stable number one.

    That position will now be filled by Scudamore junior, who has ridden a raft of big winners recently and takes up a role once occupied by his father, former champion Peter.

    Pipe also confirmed that Timmy Murphy will continue in the position as retained jockey for leading owner David Johnson.

    "Tom had been offered the job at other stables, but we were very keen to keep him here so he will be riding the majority of our horses from the yard," said Pipe.

    "He is riding better than ever, he’s riding big winners, he plays a big role in the yard and he’s a massive asset so we were very keen to keep him.  

    "It will start with immediate effect and obviously it is very exciting to get the Pipe-Scudamore partnership back again.

    "We have a great team of jockeys here now with Tom Malone, Andrew Glassonbury, Johnny Farrelly, who has just joined us, and they will all get their fair share of rides and all have a part to play.

    "We are very fortunate that Timmy Murphy will ride DJ’s (Johnson’s) horses and we will still use AP (Tony McCoy) when he’s available.

    "Things have gone along similar lines this year but Tom will ride the majority now."

    In what was a timely success, Scudamore scored forPipe on Manx Royal in the opening event at Towcester.

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    Well done Tom, fully deserved he’s a very good young jockey.

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    Scudamore jnr has indeed enjoyed a successful season with some recent big Saturday wins.<br> He has ridden a few for Twiston-Davies recently and I thought he might get the job there as Tony Evans’s days appear numbered.<br>As regards the job with the Pipes, what is really different? He has ridden quite a few for them this season but I note that Murphy will be continuing to ride for owner David Johnson and McCoy will also be used "when available". The Pipe website still maintains something of a love in with McCoy and it will be interesting how many young Tom gets jocked off.<br>Would also be interesting to know the thoughts of David Johnson who while continuing to buy off the peg French imports , has also acquired some longer term prospects from Ireland. He has also diversified from Pipe and has horses with Knight, Powell and just returned one into training switched from Pipe to Lavelle (he also has the ex Pipe cast offs with Montieth)<br>

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    Peter Montieth has been training for DJ for a long time… Peter’s partner is a good friend of mine….And they have sent some up from David/Martins to see if a change of scenery will change them, remember Pipes have lots of horses and some horses benefit from being in smaller yards and getting more attention…. the horse that has gone to Emma Lavelles cause they think it will do better there and DJ was impressed with her handling of Labelthou..<br>And for AP, he is good friends with the Pipes, so he will always get a ride…

    Timmy is DJ retained Rider….And has number 1 choice of his horses…<br>

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    Great way to cap a top year for Tom. Thoroughly deserved

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    It’s been a long learning curve for young Scu aided by a healthy serving of nepotism his youthful lack of talent didn’t deserve, but he has improved a lot recently, particularly over fences.

    Good luck to him. The hard work paid off.

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    <br>Against the crowd as usual, but I find this a rather odd decision by both parties. I fully agree with those who recognise the improvement shown by Scudamore and I’m happy to back his rides, especially over fences, which I wasn’t two or three years ago.

    But of the four riders who ride most of the David Pipe horses (Murphy, McCoy, Glassonbury are the others), he has the lowest strike rate and the highest level stake loss. And that continues a pattern that also existed with Pipe senior.

    Whose rides is he going to take over that might improve the scores? There’s only one horse in the yard rated over 150 that isn’t owned by David Johnson – Madison Du Berlais, and he’s ridden that all season anyway.

    And how many good rides from outside stables is he going to lose as a result – well probably not many. Surprisingly to me when I checked that stats, he’s had only 13 rides for Twiston-Davies this season.

    I hope it works out, but I’m not convinced it’s an ideal arrangement for Tom with the shadows of McCoy and Murphy always around.


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    Perhaps riding to instructions is a more important consideration?

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    I have to agree with those who think that little has changed. This seems like just a means of keeping Scudamore at Pipe’s yard so he doesn’t take the big job elsewhere.

    Although that in itself is a testament to Scu’s improving form, the fact that David wants him to have a very prominent role at his yard. I was glad to see him get some decent winners this season, as I was a fan of his in his younger days, but was starting to think he was going to spend the rest of his career in McCoy’s/Murphy’s etc shadows, not to mention his fathers! I’m very pleased for the lad.

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    Good to see Farrelly’s very good first season since coming over from Ireland has been recognised, but in real terms he’s going from being at the back of the McCoy-Fehilly-Berry pecking order for Jonjo to being at the back of the Scudamore-Murphy-Glassonbury-McCoy-Greene pecking order at Pond House.

    Surely banging on the doors of somewhere like Peter Bowen’s (for whom only Tom O’Brien has had more than 20-odd rides this season) until he got a second retained rider’s berth would have made more sense?


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