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    Any views?

    Personally, I’m chuffed to bits.

    My grandad took part in the 1948 Olympics in London and it’s not totally out of the question that I could slim down, muscle up and follow in his footsteps at the age of 49 in 2012………

    Do they give gold medals for time sat in front of a computer?

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    I’m with you on this Pru. Not many months back I was dismayed at the widespread negativity on this and other forums with regards to the bid, and I’m so very glad that people worked hard and worked together to get this opportunity for London and the country as a whole.

    Yes, some things need to be changed by then but we have seven years and a brilliant opportunity not just to put on the best Olympics ever but also to improve the economy and the country’s standing in the ‘global community’, which let’s face it after recent years is not exactly sparkling.

    I’m very, very happy at the result and can’t wait for the games.

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    I have a friend who lives in Athens and, apparently, the disruption from all the building work for the last Olympics was a nightmare.

    So, I was supporting the London bit once it got down to the last two.

    I know that there’s no chance of me ever living in  London,  but there is a chance I could be back living in Paris when the games (and preceding building work) would have been going on.  

    So, thanks to the Londoners for taking the bullet!


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    I’ll hold my hands up to being one of the negative ones. For one, I can’t be bothered with the endless press coverage for the next 7 years, and also, like Ian think its a bad economic decision. With the NHS pretty much close to crisis point and various other public services suffering, not only have we spent a fortune on promoting London as the venue, now we have to spend even more on providing the facilities.

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    I reckon this is really great news. It doesn’t matter what it costs, who cares if London is the only net benefactor, hells teeth, we can do with a bit of positive news after all the nonsense in Iraq, the price of petrol, Tony blair getting in again, Steven Gerrard staying at Liverpool etc. Roll on 2012.

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    Aw no 10 millenium domes!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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    I’m waiting, btw, for Blair to start associating his grinning  mug to this Olympic victory in the near future.

    Well, you’ve clearly had your head up your arse for most of the day as he’s been doing that since around 1pm.


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    I’m sure that it will provide work for various artisans, mostly Albanians, Bulgarians, Rumanians and all the other little Ians!:biggrin:

    lollys mate
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    You non Londoners, probably wont give a toss about this. But my Mum has just sent me some information about where my £1860.00 council tax, that I have to pay, will be spent on "The greatest sporting event in the world".

    Now to me, the Olympics is only about sport. And if you listen to Mayor "Abdul" Livingstone, (Kon), This money will be spent on providing the best sporting event, the world has ever seen.

    But. He needs votes to carry on as the main tax collector of London, and has come up with this one.

    <br>Hi all,

    As if the Olympics isn’t already over budget, now this!!

    How about building the biggest Church of England Church instead, it still is the main religion in this country after all…..

    This is a genuine Downing Street online petition

    Mosque to be built for London Olympics

    The plan is for the mosque to be so big that people flying in

    from all over the world for the 2012 Olympics will it see it as the biggest landmark in London, bigger than St Pauls, Westminster Abbey or Wembley Stadium. Take a second to cast your vote in The on-line poll to determine public opinion about whether a mega mosque should be built for the Olympics.

    The vote so far is *57*% in favour. It looks like the Muslim community is casting its vote in droves  After voting, forward this to as many people as you wish. Here’s the link:

    <br> As with all of Kons previous referendums, he will only do whats best for his future, as opposed to whats best for London.


    dave jay
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    Why dont they just use the Millenium Dome .. hasnt fallen down has it ??

    lollys mate
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    Has anybody seen the new 2012 logo ? <br>Being from London and seeing as I’m the one who is paying for it I think it’s kinda crap.

    It’s hard to read (good for tourists) <br>It’s a funny colour. <br>And I think my 4 year old nephew could do better.

    Waste Of Money ? <br>or <br>An Ingenius Masterplan By Lord Kon ?

    I would have to go with option a.

    Your views ?

    Unless you’re Scottish. <br>Because we all know you don’t count. <br>And you can’t read. LMGirl Typed this BTW:biggrin: <br>

    (Edited by lollys mate at 8:08 pm on June 4, 2007)

    non vintage
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    It’s a true shocker LM. £400,000 well and truly done imo…

    <br>Some of these are pretty funny and/or much better though…

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    It’s more like an advert for Lego than the Olympics. 2 out of 10.

    Jim JTS
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    I agree a totally crap logo…

    <br>I liked this one :-

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    That’s more like it Jim

    The official one is hideous

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