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Common Cold – How do you shift it?

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    Anyone know any miracle cures?

    Its so embarrassing getting a particularly vurilent strain in the middle of summer dammit!

    I ply myself with lemsips, lozenges, sprays, drops, vitamin c pills, try to flush the damn thing out with water and even try and blow the damn thing out (hankies of course i mean!). Is the old addage true 7 days with treatment, a week without true, or is there a method that people find successful?

    madman marz
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    Simple solution go to your local and get sloshed, wont even know you have a cold until you wake up the next morning so go straight to the boozer again

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    My cunning tip isn’t quite a cure but it gets rid of the symptoms.
    Anti-histamines (non-drowsy preferably) clear up all the symptoms perfectly and leaves your body to fight off the cold without you feeling horrible all the time.
    You can get them at any pharmacy – I use Loratadine but there is another type and usually one of the 2 works for everyone, best ask a pharmacist.
    I haven’t suffered with a cold for over a year now. i use them for hayfever in the summer anyway but now take them in the winter whenever I feel a cold coming on.

    Hope they help!!

    dave jay
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    I use the same method lekha85 .. failing that a bit of speed does the trick, although it can make you feel worse, so it’s a bit of a gamble.

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    Feed a cold and starve a fever. Oh yeah, and maintain a sizeable intake of cleansing, non-alcoholic liquids. Sometimes it is pretty much that simple.


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    Thanks for the info, i might make a trip to the pharmacy enquire about those anti-histamines if I am no better tomorrow.

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    A trip to the sauna for a good sweat does wonders for me. Just remember to drink plenty of water afterwards

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    Cocaine and Ovaltine.

    Gone in a day. (You or the cold).


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