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    may he have a long and happy retirement :D

    Neil Watson
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    Totally agree with you, Great to see him win at Cheltenham and hopefully he will make someone a nice hack or maybe a dressage horse

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    Didn’t know – when was it announced? So glad when they retire safe and sound, but at the same time feel awfully empty that I won’t see them on the racetrack again….end of another era for me. Can imagine him and Kingscliffe standing in a field talking about old times…wonder what they’d say…

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    Didn’t know – when was it announced?

    It’s mentioned at the end of the RP’s analysis of today’s race.

    I was at Cheltenham when he won in November and he looked magnificent, so it’s good to hear connections have done the decent thing by him, since he doesn’t owe them anything.

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    I was there in March 2004 and was on both him and Harbour Pilot. When I started shouting for both all those around me looked at me as if I had just robbed their Granny. it made me shout even louder! It wasn’t the done thing to oppose Best Mate but by God Sir Rembrandt nearly upset the party and from a personal point of view I wish he had. Best wishes Sir Rembrandt and thank you.

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    Great to see such a good chaser make it safely to the end of his racing career. He deserves a long and happy retirement.

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    I was just saying in a post yesterday tthat he was only one for two reasons why I would have gone to Newbury yesterday.

    Always loved this horse even mistook him for Denman once when I was drunk :lol:

    I was looking forward to him jumping 20 fences at Aintree before driopping out he’s such a joy to watch………..sadly it’s not to be……..happy retirement old fellow :wink:

    Sir Rembrandt
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    Many thanks for all your best wishes

    Had a lovely lie in this mornng……

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    Bless. :mrgreen:


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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