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    Passed away earlier today.
    I very dignified man and great manager
    …will be much mourned and missed…RIP.

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    Very, sad news.

    He really did suffer over the last few years of his life.

    Regards – Matron

    Neil Watson
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    A fine gentleman and a bloody good manager.

    Bet hes up their now getting matches organised and with that lovley smile that he had.

    As a tribute i think everyone should buy or download this … re=related

    Be such a fitting tribute to this great man.

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    A great man, great manager, he will be sadly missed.

    I’ll always remember his moving speech at the Sports Personality of the Year awards.

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    A proper man – we could all do worse than be guided by the way he conducted himself throughout his life – highs and lows.

    A sad day.

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    I had the pleasure of meeting him once when I was playing cricket with his son. I remember pouring him a cup of tea across the table and feeling in absolute awe. He was a gentleman that day but that said, he was every day as far as I can make out. I can’t imagine anyone saying anything other than good things about him.
    It’s not often I feel so sad when someone I don’t know passes away but today I did. RIP Bobby.

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    A fantastic manager and a great person.

    His passion for the game was immense and his passion for life was an example for all of us.

    He conducted himself with integrity and carried himself with dignity.

    RIP, Sir Bobby – You’ve taken a part of the game with you.

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    A man who stood by his family. A man who lived his life with dignity, modesty and respect. A man who used his talent. A man of the oldschool.

    A real man.

    RIP Sir Bobby.

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    Very well put CR, I would wholeheartedly agree with every word.

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