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    Amazing some of the blunders that can happen on Twitter. Just stumbled on this one put out under a Simon Holt account for Twitter in association with Plumpton racecourse.
    Simon is, I assume, on his annual trip to the Far East or wherever but he has still managed to make headlines.
    This article is from the Mail Online website. A cautionary tale for all.

    ‘I want your hot body tonight!’ Top commentator red-faced after saucy tweet is sent to hundreds of horse-racing fans
    They had signed up to follow the Twitter feed to get racing updates.
    But followers of TV horse racing commentator Simon Holt ended up with racy updates after a saucy personal message was accidentally sent to hundreds of followers.
    The tweet: ‘Oh and by the way, I want your hot body tonight babe. xxxxx,’ was posted on the Channel 4 horseracing expert’s public timeline under the user name @PlumptonRaceDay.
    Tweeted 5.18pm on Tuesday, the message was accidentally sent to hundreds of followers but soon went global as it was retweeted hundreds of times.
    It prompted another message at 5.43pm from Holt’s account that said: ‘The previous message was sent in error! Please ignore …… unless you are Cameron Diaz or my wife." But the racecourse yesterday (weds) revealed that the tweets on @PlumptonRaceDay are ghost-written for Holt by local newspaper racing columnist Jason Hall.
    Jason, 44, said he was embarrassed that his X-rated tweet, which was intended as a private joke to his wife Nicola, had gone viral.
    But he is glad everyone saw the funny side and the @PlumptonRaceDay account had subsequently seen its number of followers soar by about 100 to 335 within hours as a result.
    Jason, who writes for the Sussex Express newspaper and the racecourse’s website, said: ‘I sent a text to my wife asking if she could get some milk and bread from the shop on her way home.
    ‘She replied, “Sure”, and I tried to send another text as a joke that said I wanted her hot body as well and pressed ‘send’.
    ‘Unfortunately, I sent it to the wrong thread and it went out publicly on Twitter.
    ‘It was a bit of humour and the upside is that the Twitter account has had a load more followers because of it, although I’m still waiting for an email from Cameron Diaz.’
    Channel 4’s Simon Holt, who regularly commentates for the crowd at Plumpton racecourse, was actually off on Tuesday, but Jason continued to ghost-twitter as usual.
    He added: "I’ve tried to get in touch with Simon to warn him that there might be some reaction, albeit amused reaction, to all this but I believe he’s on holiday.
    ‘But I’m sure he’ll find it funny, if a little embarrassing. Fortunately everyone has seen the funny side.’
    Plumpton Racecourse spokeswoman Claire Sheppard said: "The race day Twitter account is managed by Jason Hall.
    ‘He ghost-writes it on behalf of Simon Holt who commentates at the course and whose opinions are tweeted by Jason.
    ‘This tweet was put on Twitter mistakenly and it was a joke.
    ‘It has caused much amusement here but goes to show what can happen on Twitter if you’re not careful.’
    One racing fan, David Cleary (@Dpcleary), tweeted shortly after the saucy message appeared: ‘I think @SimonHolt3 should have a close look at what @plumptonraceday is sending out in his name while he is on holiday. Shocking.’
    Another, John Powell (@EPDS-Racing), tweeted: ‘Hmm, speculation grows as to intended recipient of @plumptonraceday’s mysterious tweet. Even money it was @RichardHoiles! ;)
    Hoiles, who had tweeted from the account on Monday, replied to him: ‘Sorry missed all this?’
    Holt, who has been Channel 4’s top racing commentator for 12 years, was unavailable for comment yesterday.
    The saucy tweet was deleted yesterday.

    % MAN
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    The most ridiculous "non news" story in ages and it shows why newspaper sales are in decline if this is they type of crap they choose to publish.

    I also wonder, if Plumpton had a male Chief Executive, would they also just be dismissed as "a spokesperson"?

    Having said that this looks like a speculative agency story as the same "report" has appeared elsewhere with near identical wording.

    Ghost of Rob V
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    These things happen every now and again. People who’re offended by the comment ought to get over it and get a sense of humour. Too many folk make mountains out of molehills under these circumstances.

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