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should UK Tote do Flexi-Bet?

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    …….an idea of which Australian racing has made good use, which has better application in the Hong Kong environment and should be high on the club’s list of ideas to investigate.

    Called the Flexi-Bet, it allows the customer to nominate a total spend for a bet rather than specify betting units, and professionals here believe the future health of the Triple Trio, Double Trio, and the like, may depend on successful implementation of a similar idea.

    It works this way. Say the punter likes six runners for a tierce. To take a multiple bet "boxing" all six all ways for a HK$5 ticket would cost HK$600, to receive 50 per cent of the declared dividend. But the punter decides that all he or she wants to spend is HK$200 [ ie 13 quid] and so doesn’t bet at all rather than leave out the wrong one.

    With a Flexi-Bet, that punter marks on the ticket that he or she wants the six runners all ways for a total outlay of HK$200. Printed on the ticket then will be the information that, if successful, the punter’s collect will be one-sixth or 16.667 per cent of the declared dividend.

    It has limitless application but looks more attractive the more complex the bet. Want to try for the big bucks and take a banker with five horses in every leg of the TT but don’t want to spend more than HK$500? Go ahead. At the moment, with a minimum bet cost of HK$2 a combination, it costs HK$2,000 and you get 20 per cent of the dividend if correct. That might put people off.

    With a Flexi-Bet, you can have the same bet for your HK$500. You’ll get only five per cent of the dividend but most punters know that 5 per cent of a TT win can be a lot of money, and a lot more than you were going to get if the bet cost too much and you didn’t bother at all.


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    Sounds an excellent idea that can only have a positive influence on the pools. How many people are put off doing placepots and jackpots because they can’t work out how much it will cost them? Plenty I’d say.

    empty walletempty wallet
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    Excellent idea :cool:

    would certainly  help the thicko’s like me


    dave jay
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    I like the sound of it too Wit .. Im sure that the powers in this country would come up with a way of making a mess of it though .. <br>:biggrin:

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    Sounds sensible enough.

    Also, why don’t we have a big tierce race on a Saturday afternoon? Either as an alternative to the scoop 6 or as an addition.


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