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Shane Kelly at Lingfield

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    Needs banning for that ride. Absolute shocker and definitely intentional. The horse wanted to accelerate and he was held back so as not to be in a winning position

    I had no financial interest in the race, btw.

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    ditto for kempton tonight shocking

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    It’s absolutely diabolical that things like this are going on in racing.

    What the hell was Shane Kelly thinking about?

    He was sat there motionless with a double handful and even course commentator Simon Holt gave him a clue that Adam Kirby on the eventual winner had made a move and kicked 2-3 lengths clear…

    What does Shane Kelly do?…..While Kirby is rousting his mount and showing it the whip and moving clear, Kelly is looking round and pissing about!….He never, ever gave that horse (or the punters that backed it) a genuine chance of winning……and I didn’t have a bet in the race for what it’s worth…


    Another farsical example of the whip rules giving AP McCoy a 4 day ban for trying his nuts off to win a race and eventually getting the horse up to share the spoils….

    A complete joke!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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