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    <br>There’s a pretty ordinary card at Sandown, three handicaps and three maiden races – the sort of meeting that would attract abuse on here if it was staged at Kempton.

    But there’s nothing ordinary about the admission charges – £25 for the Grandstand, £28 for Members and a fiver for parking on top of that.

    The reason is that a group called the Sugababes are appearing after racing – but if like me, you’ve never heard of them and aren’t interested in watching them, you have pay £10 more than the standard entry charge to watch the racing.

    When this idea of groups performing after racing to attract a younger crowd was first introduced, it was a bonus – now it seems to be the main driving force and the justification for increased prices.

    A clear case of putting the concert before the horse.


    ricky lake
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    correct on all points AP , although I am going to shut up about Kempton, I will keep saying that Racing is just too expensive to attend on a frequent basis

    As for the Sugarbabes , I am sure they are great , and no doubt will attract a younger audience . is it possible some of those might return to racing havibg been impressed

    Pity though , pricing is important for a fringe sport like ours , maybe one day the message will get through , when regular racegoers become very infrequnt visitors to the race track .


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    Here’s one regular Sandown attendee voting with his feet.


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    One answer might be to have a price for the racing only and then a separate price if you want to attend the concert as well.

    Quite how they would turf out all the non-concert attendees at close of racing is a difficulty I’ll devolve to greater minds than mine.

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    If you leave after the last race, they give you a tenner as you pass through the exit ?

    Or perhaps a voucher for a tenner off at a future meeting.


    Grey Desire
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    £23 in the Premier Enclosure tomorrow for another ordinary meet.<br>Really takes the mickey.

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    I knew that a greater mind than mine would come up with an answer, and what a simple and logical solution it is too.

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    Didnt know this and it makes me :angry:

    The new management at Sandown were in the press a couple of months ago and i wasnt particularly impressed with some of things they had to say.

    Personally i think this will backfire. Bands might be seen as a bonus on top of racing but no more.

    Hope it does anyway :angry: :angry: :angry:

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    The voucher as you leave after the last is a sound idea.

    I presume that once you’ve left, you cannot get back in, or have to pay again.

    How much to watch the Sugarbabes without the racing? Anyone know?

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    I wouldn’t go to watch the Sugababes now that the really fit one Mutya has left the band.:biggrin:

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    Epsom also charge £25 and upwards to watch mundane racing followed by  bands like Texas and Status Quo after racing.<br>The recent Irish theme night was one of Kempton’s few successes .<br>Thus there must be a market for this sort of thing.<br>I accept the argument that the ancillary entertainment may bring racing converts but it seems a shame when that overshadows what is supposedly the main event-racing.<br>The idea of issuing a voucher to those leaving after the last race seems excellent.<br>I though of going to Sandown tonight but was shocked by the admission and parking prices on Ceefax and decided to skip the M25 rush hour traffic after work and give the whole thing a miss.<br>

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    I paid £28 for Epsom at a July evening meeting, I won’t be going again as I am usually coming from work and miss the first.

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    Spot on, apracing, couldn’t agree more.

    Ricky, I don’t see that racing is a "fringe sport" – I read recently that the sports annual attendance of circa 6 million places it second only to football (admittedly a long way off the pace). If racing is a fringe sport, what hope is there for the others?

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    At the Aintree Friday night meeting Girls Aloud did a 15 minute stint after the last. Kids that would normally get in for nowt if accompanied at other meetings were charged full whack!!

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    The only time that Girls Aloud looked over-dressed ;)

    D.Pipe for champion Trainer,Bear :cheesy:

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