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    Hi everybody

    This chase is usually one of the highlights during Wetherby’s season. The top weight during the last ten years have been rated between 169 (Grey Abbey) and 148 (Royal Emperor – runner up in that year’s RSA chase). Back in the day, top notchers such as Jodami, One Man and Waterloo Boy have participated in the event.

    So I was just wondering why this years renewal wouldn’t look out of place on a Tuesday meeting at Hereford. The race as always faced the same competition from Sunbury and Dublin and the prize money has been kept at a similar level for the last few seasons. I was thinking that Wetherby’s predisposition of being too hungover on chrimbo sherry to host meetings rather off putting for trainers. However, the best racecourse on the planet seems to have had early nights for the last four years so I’m quite stumped.

    If there’s a stamp collecter here who knows why we have a Hereford-poor renewal then I’d be grateful for your enlightenment.


    p.s;- Hereford is $hittier than a big steaming pile of dog$hit smothered with cow$hit and topped with the faecal remains of all of this summer’s $hitty music festivals before being tossed into a biosolid treatment plant. ANIMADVERT ON HEREFORD!

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    It’s a dreadful line up. Give it a couple of years and it will doubtless lose it’s Pattern status, rather like the Mandarin at Newbury that went from Listed to Class B, then Class C and now Class D.

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    I have to agree with Mounty, but for different reasons…Trainers will not put their horses in a race..

    Our family owned over 60 horses’ so what I want to say, I shouldn’t..

    Basically, if a horse is "well handicapped", and to enhance it’s demise, is worthless… :oops:

    The bad turn outs will continue until you get realistic owners and optimistic, "don’t need the money" trainers..



    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    If you could repeat that in English :? ……… Never mind…I agree with you whatever it is you said :roll: :?

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