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    Andrew Hughes
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    Ah there’s nothing more endearing about the modern English than our inability to take responsibility for our actions.

    Poor wee Wayne, having had thousands of pounds lavished on his foot, everything put in place for him, the support of a nation, not to mention the £100,000 a week he rakes in repays us all by stamping on one player and pushing another, both in front of the referee. Is he repentant? Is it something he’s ashamed of, getting sent off whilst representing his national team. Of course not. Everyone else is to blame.

    And do our brave boys at the BBC take him to task for letting the country down? Heaven forbid. Its Ronaldo’s fault. In fact, now I come to think of it, Ronaldo is to blame for everything that has gone wrong in this country – the Black Death, the Fire of London, the creation of Big Brother. Hanging’s too good for him, I say.

    So proud to be an Englishman right now.

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    I disagree about how much he gets paid has relvance to this.

    At the end of the day the guy is a proffessional footballer. He should know that with all the cards being drafted around in this tournament, he simply cannot do what he did (whether there was intent or not). End of. Then to compound the error, he then goes onto push an opponent before a card was given. The actions of a complete and utter idiot.

    But really, should we be surprised at this?  Previouly in the tornament we have seen him punching he dug out, throwing his shoes and socks around, and also facing off a linesman. This was downright petulance, from a silly little boy who needs to grow up.

    But will this country accept that? Not on your nelly it will, we have to find an excuse and Ronaldo will do nicely. Ws Ronaldo the reason we went out. Not really no. The reason that we went out is the fact that they turned in 5 non descipt, abject peformances.  Again. Theres always an excuse tho – its Maradonna, its penalties (has anyone ever asked themselves why we have always actualy failed to beat the side in the first place?), its Ronaldo, it the ref.<br>Excuses last 1 game, not 40 years.

    The real reason? Perhaps its just the fact England are not as good as they think they are.

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    Being an outsider, it’s hard for me to tell whether the English fans generally blame Ronaldo or regard his involvement in the red card as merely peripheral and, ultimately, irrelevant.

    Is this something real or just a small minority of crackpots the media have given voice to?  

    The 2 English fans I’ve talked with since the game have expressed similar views to you two guys.

    If I were to sum up their views, it would be that England do have very good players, but the team is nowhere near as good as the sum of its parts.

    And, for that reason, much of the blame has to lie with the coach.

    Interestingly I, who like most non-english brits am anti-the England team, agree entirely with this view.

    If England had a coach who wasn’t obsessed with defensive football and took some fit strikers to the WC, they would have had a meaningful chance.

    But they didn’t.

    And, with the next WC in Africa, this generation of English players lost it’s only chance of lifting the trophy.


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    Quote: from Aranalde on 9:56 pm on July 3, 2006[br]… Ronaldo is to blame for everything that has gone wrong in this country … the creation of Big Brother. Hanging’s too good for him, I say.

    If he is responsible for this, hanging IS too good for him!:shoot:<br>

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