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    Bartoli beats Henin 1-6, 7-6, 6-1 to reach the Wimbledon final.

    Rishi’s first question: "Was that one of the best victories of your career?"

    Take a wild ******* guess.


    Chompy Draw Boy
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    Question 2: "Do you mind if I eat an apple through your racket?"

    Jim JTS
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    15 – love to Chompy :lol:

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    I was looking forward to that interview, to hear how she felt after that momentous match, but when I heard Rishi was going to do it, my heart sank.

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    I hate being cynical about people who have the balls to put their ass on the line in public, going in front of the cameras etc, and I’m slow to criticise.

    But Rishi could do a lot better. He seems to lack instinctive empathy in my opinion and for that reason I cringe at times when he’s interviewing.

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    The father of the original concept of the "how do you feel?" type of question is widely accepted to be veteran BBC foreign correspondent Charles Wheeler, who first started asking it of his interviewees decades ago in an attempt to gauge the human side / cost of conflicts, genocides, disenfranchisement of the innocent etc etc. and continues to do so into his 88th year.

    A man of impeccable intelligence, language skills and journalistic integrity, and a withering critic of the "dumbing down" of television journalism as a whole, it must must drive him to despair that his original construct, which he still uses solely in the manner intended, is now the preserve of the more vapid, limited TV and radio interviewers, including in, but by no means limited to, horse racing.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    I’ve nothing agains Rishi, he just seems to be ill at ease with what he does, or maybe self conscious, if he could relax we may see more of his true personality. He has left RUK now & is just with the BBC so I would imagine he’ll be covering a wide range of sporting events as Claire Balding does.

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    I often sympathise with interviewees when they are faced with the ‘How do you feel’ question and very often the bland nature of the enquiry is undeserving of the creative and thoughtful replies it elucidates (which is, I guess, why they continue to insist asking it).

    In Rishi’s case I suspect he is a thoroughly nice chap and I would suggest that he is used in that particular role as he is probably the person least embarrassed by having to do it ( a la ‘Thommo’) in conjunction with being fairly unassuming and, thus, fairly safe, inasmuch as some of these characters are pretty pumped up and you wouldn’t want to be saying the wrong thing to them on live TV. Still, I’m fairly confident Rishi does the job several thousand times more proficiently than the majority of us on here ever could.

    Piggott had the right idea (didn’t he tell Thommo to f*** off when approached for a post race interview!).

    Kingston Town
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    There was a horse who won a Group 1 in Sydney by three lengths and the interviewer asked the winning rider: "Were you happy with the run?"

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    I’ve seen him interview racing people, cricket people and now tennis people and the one thing that strikes me is that he doesn’t seem to have a particular insight into any of these sports.

    By comparison, Claire Balding understands racing and asks questions that produce interesting and and informative answers.

    Or, in athletics, Steve Cram does a good job as an interviewer.

    But Rishi? I don’t see anything there.


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    I love interviewers when they are not prepared for the interview, just like a few years ago when an American golf interviewer was interviewing the latest winner on the PGA Tour….

    INTERVIEWER: "How will you celebrate the win"

    GOLFER: "Not sure, last time I won I jumped in the lake at the 18th"

    INTERVIEWER: "I remember that, you got quite wet didn’t you"

    Well you would get quite wet if you had just jumped in a lake wouldn’t you lol.


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