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    I’m in the unfortunate position of not having access to Satellite tv in my new lodgings, and am therefore considering subscribing to Racing UK online, which includes full access to video form, for £15 a month.

    Has anyone subscribed to this as of yet? My main query is do you have access to just the races, or is it a full stream of the TV channel, which I would prefer for full previews and analysis, etc.

    Thanks in advance,<br>Andrew

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    <br>Why not send them an email and ask?


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    If you do email them I wish you more luck than me.I have emailed them with two queries in the past.The first got a reply after 7 emails and only took 5 months before a reply came.The second was never replied to and I ultimately telephoned them whereupon everything was resolved quickly.<br>If you subscribe on line you can watch the channel all afternoon via the racingpost betting web site – analysis and all.I normally mute the sound in case a paddock judge tells me that my good thing looks ready to tail off.Ignorance tends to be both bliss and profit in this circumstance

    Gareth Flynn
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    It’s a full stream of the TV channel. They might cut off any non-UK races due to rights issues, but it’s everything else.

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    My broadband supplier allows me to download 5gb a month, does watching RUK online increase your downloads by much?

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