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    Just wondering what’s out there, what’ve you done and recommend and what’s on the bucket lits etc?

    I’ve got down the Irish festivals to go to one year, maybe the Czech Grand National, a visit to Auteuil, but finding it a bit hard to see what’s out there and what’s recommended.

    I have a stag to organise for April, it’s unlikely we’ll go racing, but it’s worth considering I guess! We’ve never really been in to flat racing, but wouldn’t be adverse to dip in to that in too, should probably make a better start in GB first though!

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    Aaronizneez has been to a few French tracks, if he doesn’t see this thread over the next couple of days, I’ll give him the heads up Ricco, in case he can give you advice.

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    No good for a stag do as it’s too far away but I’ve been to Happy Valley in Hong Kong and it was fantastic. The entry fee was next to nothing and the atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve seen in this country. The backdrop of skyscrapers is quite a sight too. Seemed to be a limit of (I think) 12 runners each race but they never seem to have trouble getting that number. Mrs Richard loved it as well and as she would admit her racing knowledge goes as far as knowing one end of the horse from the other. I’d thoroughly recommend it, and HK in general, to anyone.

    Also been to Kranji in Singapore, it’s obviously worth a visit if you’re a racing fan and happen to be there but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go back. Found it a bit underwhelming to be honest although it was a Sunday afternoon, might be better for a night meeting with a big race on. One thing I found a bit strange was that there was almost nobody outside watching the races, just about everyone was inside. Also the only place in Singapore where I saw litter!

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    I’ve just been to Tokyo for the Japan Cup. It’s a huge track, very friendly, highly recommend. I took in Kranji also, and found that good too, though much quieter.
    Closer to home, I’d suggest a trip to Meydan. Dubai is a good place to visit, relatively speaking not that far.
    Further afield, I’d happily return to Santa Anita and Flemington.
    It’s worth noting that many tracks overseas are much cheaper to visit than courses here.
    All that said we have great tracks in the UK…Aintree, Ascot, and of course, Cheltenham.

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    I went to Meydan in March this year and it was an amazing experience and we stayed overnight at the hotel. Highly recommended along with a trip up the Burj Khalifa while you’re in Dubai. :good: Jac

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    Prague has a nice little course just on the edge of the city, Velká Chuchle. Entrance is around the £5 mark and easily accessible by bus, about 10 minutes, from the metro station Smíchovské Nádraží. Taxi from city centre probably around a tenner. I see they have four meetings in the calendar for April

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