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    hi everyone first post on here, this is not meant as a moan. i am an owner of 1 horse now, had 3 but due to the economics of this sport i downsized and am now left with 1 horse. all in costs to train him for a year approx 20k including entries, jockey fees etc. he has took time to find his form this year and obviously races are now thin on the ground for him at this time of year. he has an entry at doncaster on saturday in a race that for the last 3 years had a winning prize of 31k, i want him to run as that money will pay for him for another 12 months and may even finance another horse. but even though the race is still a class 2 the prize money has dropped from 31k to 12k. this is happening everywhere,small owners need to win a few races per season to cover the costs.there are many owners at the lower level who have had enough of the game and are getting out. i appreciate some people on here will say you are lucky to have an horse,maybe so,but believe me most of us will be well out of pocket to participate in a sport we love. no doubt doncaster will be packed on saturday and the bars will be raking it in with their over inflated prices.there are 2 levels in this game the rich and the rest of us, and for the rest of us it just isn’t worth it.

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    Anyone know where I can find data on prize money distribution by race class and race category say 20 years ago, 10 years ago and for the last 5 years?

    As follows:

    Total number of races per race category (Flat / AW / NH)
    Number of races by class of race (1-7)
    Prize money by race class (1-7)

    Basically we are seeing more racing in the bottom tiers due to the rise of AW racing. Is the total prize money on offer fairly distributed across the board?

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