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    Jockey eased the horse down and was collared on the line by Lambrini Mist – favourite backers couldn’t believe their luck. Okay so its nothing new but why didn’t the jockey look both ways before easing the horse down? There are two winning posts at Leicester but from what I can see he was beaten at both anyway. Do we think 28 days is correct?

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    NaHHH!!!!! Geld the bastid!!:o


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    Didn’t see the race, but it has to be 28 days if he lost through easing down.

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    I didn’t see the race  but this type of jockey error has to be the most annoying and does the horse racing industry no favours. Jockeys have been given 28 day bans for this in the past but it is still happening. Maybe it’s time to increase the penalty to 3 months.<br>

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    How many times has AP been done for it?<br>Utterley pointless and must be put down to jockeys showing off, Queally did it on the flat last week but still won.<br>The penalties are just not severe enough, should be a minimum of 3 months for a first offence and if they do it again keep tripling the suspension.

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    Don’t have any stats on this so am not 100% sure, but over the last 6 or 7 years, I cannot recall any rider getting done for a repeat offence of easing down and losing a race they should have done. Seems like a case of learning from ones mistakes.

    FSL, you should have laid off at 1.01 on betfair.:biggrin:

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    Quote: from trackside528 on 5:14 pm on Nov. 13, 2006[br]<br>Increasing the ban time (and thus depriving a young jock of his livlihood for 3 months) for what, after all, was most likely an honest, if extremely incompetent, mistake, while the likes of Emma Lavelle dont even get looked at is absolutely ridiculous in my view…

    <br>Miss Lavelle can be – and has been – dealt with on another thread, but the "young jock" argument doesn’t wash here given that Henry Oliver has been a fixture in the weighing room for nigh on a decade now.

    I’m no particular fan of meting out 28-day bans on riders who’ve barely had a ride in public, though. Any mileage, therefore, in a sliding scale of ban length dependent on experience / number of previous rides?


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    I’d  bet Kieren Fallon wishes it were only 28 days.;)

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    My gripe with Leicester today was the going being described as good to soft (good places) on the hurdle course when the times would appear to indicate it being the other way around.  Can the ground really be good/firm on a chase course and good/soft on a hurdle? I see a similar scenario is set for Folkestone tomorrow. Best stick to Fakenham methinks….

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    Quote: from zilzal on 10:21 pm on Nov. 13, 2006[br]Can the ground really be good/firm on a chase course and good/soft on a hurdle? I see a similar scenario is set for Folkestone tomorrow.<br>

    The hurdle courses at those tracks are used for flat racing during the summer, hence they are artificially watered which causes the variation.

    The late season NH fixtures at Leicester are all chase affairs as they need to rest the hurdle course prior to their early kick-off on the Flat.  

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