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    She was …No Marilyn… not even close!<br>What a tragically sad and pathetic world this has become!<br>I am so tired and sick of news from the real world.<br>Who’s doing who. Rehab for ALL. Untalented addicts… <br>famous for being famous,<br>filling the pages of tabloids with the horsesh*t of the day. <br>Then, of course, there’s the world stage… <br>where idiot, profiteering liars are running the show.<br>It’s all a shameful mess, if you ask me.

    (i can’t stand the news no more, no more. <br>i can’t stand the news no more!) :angry:

    Badactor says: BRING ON THE HORSES!!!<br>(end Off Topic… thanks for listening.)

    (On Topic)<br>Road to the Roses begins soon!<br>

    FREE Kentucky Derby Future PPs can be found @ <br>

    Official Kentucky Derby website:

    and of course… <br>folks are always invited to visit !

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    Hear Hear

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    Bunch of MO FOs :biggrin:

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    That’s one hellova kid she had.  It apparently has three fathers (to date) LOL<br>At least the father/s could get it up, unlike the wrinkly old wheelchair bound guy she married for his $$$.<br>Yes, i’d much rather talk racing than gold-digging smackheads.

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    I’m sitting there in my bath chair listening to old Arthur Askey tapes, alone, half dead, teeth akimbo, beset by piles, deserted by my friends, and my only company is a greedy family who are waiting for me to die and this slappy, big breasted, twenty year old blonde in a short skirt and high heel shoes wants to MARRY me!

    She can HAVE my dough. All of it!!:biggrin:

    RIP Anna Nicole.

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