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    what a crap jockey
    another two horses of james fanshawes that both would have won if that muppet hadnt been riding them
    im sure his racing brain is up his arse
    why does fanshawe keep putting this doughnut on his horses is beyond me
    hes an embarassment

    non vintage
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    some jockeys are better or more consistent than others. oscar is not the best, but for me, he isn’t that bad.

    if you’ve worked out that he’s a ‘crap jockey’, why not lay all his rides, rather than backing them and whinging?

    Jim JTS
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    He won the first race at Yarmouth on 6/1 shot Miss Marvellous beating a Stoute odds on fav in Earl Marshal not a lot wrong with that, in the 2nd race on the card he rode a decent race to finish 2nd on 7/1 shot Gone Fast who was beaten half a length by a nice type in Shaker from the Michael Bell yard, again not much wrong with that.

    All jockeys that ride losers are said to be crap by "hole in the pocket punters" but when they win virtually nothing is said.

    it’s all about opinions I suppose. :roll:

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    He’s not Fanshawe’s first choice jockey, yet he still gets plenty of rides for the stable. If he wasn’t any good, he wouldn’t get the rides: it’s as simple as that.

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    Surely you are having a laugh suggesting his ride on the 2yo was competent. I didn’t have a bet in the race but thought it was worse than the ride he gave Sister Act. Got in such a mess and was still on the bridle stuck behind a wall of horses whilst the winner was already on his way home.

    Given a clear run I feel sure he’d have won that and will be interested in backing him accordingly next time.

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    I would have thought he rides plenty of work at Fanshawe’s thus gets rides. I would agree with the first poster that he’s crap.

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    Isn’t Oscar a family member?


    Jim JTS
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    Sporting life close – up :-

    Sister Act – [i:32dbj9u8]dwelt, held up mid-division, headway over 2f out, chasing leaders when [b:32dbj9u8]lost action[/color:32dbj9u8][/b:32dbj9u8], eased over 1f out[/i:32dbj9u8]

    Gone Fastheld up in rear, headway when switched left approaching final furlong, ridden inside final furlong, took 2nd post.

    I actually agree with those though I wasn’t aware that Sister Act lost her action (that’s twice she’s did that now).

    I always try not to be biased but I did have a bet on Shaker in the 2-y-o race

    Grey Desire
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    He pales into insignificance with Ann Stokell.
    If only she would let someone else ride Pawan,I honestly believe the horse could win a little listed race somewhere.

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    Agree with you Greydesire, that was X-rated viewing there. :shock:
    Who says jockeys make no difference?…lol.

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    didnt have a bet in the race so not a sore loser. Also I’ve got Oscar’s autograph and he’s a really nice chap, drives a flash car like so many do, at least the last time I saw him he did. nothing against him personally just think he rode a couple of crap races today. what he was thinking of trying to barge through a wall of horses on Sister Act I’ve no idea but there you go. I apologise if my original post was somewhat terse.

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    I watched the race, and Sister Act appeared to be cruising when she got boxed in behind a wall of horses, momentarily after that she appeared to lose her action & was the looked after. What’s worng with that? Jockeys get boxed in every day & don’t get called names. Although I doubt anyone will agree with me I still think Osacr was the jockey best suited to Sister Acts sibling Soviet Song

    Jim JTS
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    No need for apologies Chubs it’s all about opinions but Sister Act lost her action, Oscar can’t be blamed for that.

    I also apologise if you thought I was getting at you being a sore loser I was speaking in general and wasn’t directing it towards you.

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    Most jockeys, including Oscar, make genuine mistakes. Should it matter to anyone else apart from the owner and trainer?
    Unfortunately yes, as punters can lose megabucks when they do.
    Perhaps if they limited their stakes to fun and affordability the jockeys would not be slated, and they could sleep more easily knowing they were not about to possibly lose the roof over their heads.

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    Oscar is certainly not the greatest jockey riding at the moment ~ thought he clipped heels on Sister Act, but he really shouldn’t have got stuck behind a wall of horses in the first place. This is a filly connections are desperate to win with due to her value as a broodmare but time is running out for her. I backed Pawan at Warwick last night and Ann Stokell was absolutely desperate in the finish. On the other hand, Jimmy Fortune rode a treble at Newbury and was absolutely brilliant in doing so. There isn’t a jockey in the country riding better at the moment.

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