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    As anybody else noticed just how poor his horses are running lately. Don’t take that the wrong way as they are still running OK but just not winning. He is currently running at 6% for the last 14 days whereas Dan Skelton is 28% and Paul Nicholls 21%.
    I would have hoped he his horses were running better/winning more so close to Cheltenham. I listened to a podacst yesterday, not sure which one, but they were saying that this is his worst season in the last five. There was the suggestion that he’s been going downhill since Corky Brown retired.
    He does seem to make an awful lot of excuses for not running his good horses more regularly as he seems like others to covet Cheltenham so much which is sad for us NH fans.
    I am a big fan of Dan Skelton who does not put all his eggs in the Cheltenham basket and wins what he can when he can. He is the Champion trainer in waiting without a doubt.
    Maybe Nicky as a bug in the yard.

    He Didnt Like Ground
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    I don’t believe there,s a bug but I do believe the yard is missing corky , it doesn’t matter how good a trainer you are you need a good team around you esp with such a big yard , a guy with his experience will always be missed

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    Harry Fry horses are not well with 39 runners/45 days since a win and Anthony Honeyball saying horses were giving an occasional cough. These things are about all the time.

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    True Father Jack however it would be nice if they came out and said so to assist the poor punter.

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    Henderson’s best horses are in their stables waiting for Cheltenham. Wudnt worry about form at this time.

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    Henderson’s form in February, relative to previous years, has been poor. Looking merely at winners;

    5-55* 2020/21
    20-56 2019/20
    14-45 2018/19
    13-60 2017/18
    16-61 2016/17
    13-58 2015/16

    *I’m not aware whether this includes Lust For Glory and Patroclus

    RP records 2nd, 3rd & 4th places, but not a separate “placed” category so I’m hesitant to draw too many conclusions from that. (3rd in an 18-runner handicap hurdle being treated same as 3rd in a small field novice chase). Happy to be corrected by anybody with a proper racing database (such as Proform) which can assess this based upon a variable such as % runners beaten.

    To what extent this is because of Corky Brown’s departure, misfortune with a virus, simply having an off year in terms of quality, his health issues or something completely unrelated is very hard to judge. Acid test, I suppose, will be whether a decline can be detected over the next 2 or 3 seasons. I’m not writing the stable off yet at all.

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