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    Jonny Ebeneezer
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    Every now and then i see a horse that runs well and decide to follow it. Next time out it has new silks / jockey etc and its clear that the horse has changes owner or trainer. Where can you find details (if you can) of how much the horse has cost etc?? With top class horses, you read about there moves in Racing Post etc but less high profiled horses, you hear nothing.

    Edited to add- You see a horse running well one season and then it never appears the next season, does anywhere list whats happened to them, eg off to stud, retired, injured etc?

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    If you look at the horse on the Racing Post database you can click on Sales (I think this may be part of their pay-for service now) and it shows if they changed hands at public auction and what the price was. Obviously if it was a private deal it is more difficult to monitor unless it was a high profile horse whose sale was reported.

    Timeform often mentions – particularly in Racehorses of… – what has happened to the horse at the end of the season.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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