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    Lastnight’s selections weren’t overly lucrative, with only one result going my way, but the losses were only just wide of the mark so there’s still a little room for improvement.

    For tonight:

    San Antonio Spurs @ Toronto Raptors
    Over 183.5 @ 10/11

    Dallas Mavericks @ Philadelphia 76ers
    Over 187.5 @ 21/20

    LA Lakers @ Charlotte Bobcats
    Under 208/5 @ 10/11

    Cleveland Cavaliers @ Orlando Magic
    Under 195.5 @ 11/10

    LA Clippers @ Milwaukee Bucks
    Over 193.5 @ 10/11

    Portland Trail Blazers @ Houston Rockets
    Over 183.50 @ 23/20

    Washington Wizards @ Golden State Warriors
    Under 213.5 @ 10/11

    7 x £20 singles
    1 x £7.50 accumulator @ 121/1

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    Another apalling effort, with the Lakers @ the Bobcats offering the only source of return on the night. It would seem those who couldn’t score suddenly found their range, and those who could just weren’t on form.

    Back to the drawing board…

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    The statistics don’t seem to be offering the full picture at the moment, but as Delboy once said apres moi la deluge…no, that’s not right…

    Sacramento Kings @ Houston Rockets
    Under 196.5 @ 23/20

    Portland Trail Blazers @ Dallas Mavericks
    Over 184.5 @ 5/4

    Phoenix Suns @ Golden State Warriors
    Over 232.5 @ 20/27

    Utah Jazz @ Seattle Supersonics
    Under 208.5 @ 4/5

    Washington Wizards @ LA Clippers
    Over 193.5 @ Evens

    5 x £28 singles
    1 x £10 accumulator @ 29.3/1

    Andrew Hughes
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    Good look with those. I quite like basketball, I used to enjoy the Saturday morning programme on Channel Four but its been years since I watched any. Are there any good websites to use for research?

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    ESPN have databases on just about every sport in existence, but the NBA’s official site ( should provide all of the information you need.

    Last night went a little better than has been the norm of late, with the games at Houston, Golden State and Seattle all falling our way, offering a profit to the advertised stakes of…wait for it…£9. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together :?

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    The Milwaukee Bucks travel to New Jersey this evening, and having won 3 of their last 4 games are fancied to upset the Nets in their yard at around 6/4. The Bucks’s record on the road this season is poor, very poor, but they’re in decent form at the moment and can end a long losing run against New Jersey.

    The Dallas Mavericks are similarly unfancied at the San Antonio Spurs, but are better than their 7/4 tag indicates. They too have been in good form of late and could prove too strong for the Spurs in the first half (Spurs scored only 5 in the first quarter at Atlanta recently).

    The L A Lakers are a penalty kick against the Miami Heat, but aren’t exactly backable at 1/16.

    Treble pays around 6/1.

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