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    Hippo Joe
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    I am a great admirer of Anthony Honeyball and his stable, but I wonder if some of his hard work is going to waste through his choice of jockeys.

    I know Rachael Green is his assistant trainer, and (I believe) his life partner. But I wonder about putting her up when she can’t claim her usual 5lb, as he did at Doncaster a few weeks ago in a £10,000 race in which she was beaten a nose by Dominic Elsworth after a ding-dong on the run-in.

    Tony McCoy and other senior jockeys were watching from the stands.

    Today (Ffos Las) Rachael cruised up to McCoy on the run to the last and declined to get busy until too late and he beat her by a head.

    I know Anthony Honeyball likes his horses to come from behind, but I think he’s losing races he should be winning by putting up his assistant trainer, not to mention Sam Thomas, who is another jockey I think leaves his horses with too much to do.

    Coming from as far back as these two jockeys habitually do, leaves no room for error – one bungled jump and you’re a fast-finishing second.

    I know we can’t all get McCoy or Aidan Coleman every time we run a horse, but there is a hierarchy of riders who will give you the best chance of a return for your hard work.

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    To be fair, it was AP she was up against and she has had a particularly good season already. Harsh in my opinion but each to their own.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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