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    Nearly went at the last. i think he needs Blinkers? he lacks concentration imo what do you think?

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    Johnson seemed to see a stride and went for a big one as he had at the previous 2 fences. The horse seemed to disagree and put in a short one, getting in too close in the process.
    I think that Johnson was probably doing the right thing and was trying to educate him. Its too early to say yet but he doesn’t appear to be the safest of conveyances at the moment.

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    He was a quite inconsistent jumper of hurdles too. I did a lengthy analysis on him before the last CH.

    R Johnson, seems to me to be involved in more ‘misunderstandings’ at jumps with his mounts than any other top jock.

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    I would agree with that – rarely a blemish free round on anything. Having said that the same could be said for AP. I don’t mind the ‘wing and a prayer’ approach if the race is in the balance but Johnson does it much too often for my liking.

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    Nearly went at the last. i think he needs


    ? he lacks concentration imo what do you think?

    He is still quite young, it was only his third start over fences, and he had been out there all alone for a very long way. That is bound to make a young horse’s concentration drift a bit. Plus, were the crowd starting to roar?

    He still won by 13 lengths despite the last fence scramble, and proved he can jump like a stag when he puts his mind to it.

    Maybe RJ got a bit over-confident and forgot the horse is still inexperienced? Maybe he is not really the right jockey for this obviously talented horse? RJ’s head shaking suggests he knew he had f***** up and nearly blown it! :?

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    Hated him over hurdles and never rated him a Champion Hurdle horse but love him over fences.

    He’s bit hairy scary but that’s ok. I reckon he’s very likely to do better over fences than he did over hurdles.

    He’s been my second choice for the Arkle for some time now and I expect him to run a big race there.

    no idea
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    I could not agree more with regards RJ. Had thought about a posting about him bit do not have enough time to do any research into him.
    I just know from watching him, his mounts do seem to make an awful lot of mistakes.
    I hope he does not any mistake on Fingal Bay tomorrow like at Cheltenham when he almost came down at the 2nd last

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