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    An excelent preview. I shall put some study in and get back to you.

    (Edited by Alchemist at 11:40 am on Dec. 21, 2005)

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    A very indepth preview for a bandit stakes race. Or maybe a 0-60 handicap. No sour grapes here cos I’ll presume I was balloted out!<br>:grrrr:

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    Don’t worry DB, I didn’t make the grade either, which is fair enough as my posting is somewhat sporadic these days.

    Aranalde will get my vote, for being knowledgable, level headed, and so damned straight-laced!

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    Presumably this is a "lounge" poll as it misses out the likes of Cormack.

    I’m going to vote for Grassy due to his post dated "9:32 pm on Dec. 20".


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    Mesh, it’s OK. You can be the Queen and she doesn’t need to be elected. She’s the Queen and that’s that!

    lollys mate
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    I have to vote for Aranalde. He really did some damage to my forehead as I could not stop it banging against the wall whenever he replied to my posts.<br> (Have to let you know that he got very personal with his P.M’s, though).<br> So therefore I have changed my vote to Peaty Sandy. I like this bloke a lot. He knows what this world is about.<br> But Peaty should get   Newcomer of the year!

    So I changed my vote to Grasshopper.<br> He is so gorgeous, he makes me moist. And I know how much he wants me! (I thought Aranaldes P.M’s were bad, but this guy wont leave me alone).:o

    So therefore I have concluded that my vote has to go to Zome. She sounds nice!<br>

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    I’m nothing if not loyal, so Zome already has my vote.

    Which suggests Lollys Mate is all mouth and no trousers as surely there should be TWO votes for her by now as opposed to the one.

    Come on LM, prove you’re a man. Vote!!

    You big wuss.

    dave jay
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    I don’t understand why you aren’t on the list Razzer .. and more importantly why aren’t I ??<br>:biggrin:

    Andrew Hughes
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    I think there are a number of forumites who could be on the list, who’s contributions I always look out for, including Dave Jay, Razeen, Stevedvg, Cormack, Prufrock and EC

    Lolly’s Mate has always been thought provoking, even if some of the thoughts he provoked were less than friendly. I can’t have Peaty Sandy – he is just the militant wing of Lolly’s Mate.

    I confess to missing Diane’s contribution, though I understand she’s commanding a regiment of Irish horse thieves in another place.

    Graysonscolumn is an Oldham fan and yet despite this, has remained cheerful and enthusiastic throughout.

    I almost voted for Grasshopper, for his savage humour, but in the end, I plumped for Kotkijet. He started many an interesting thread and his persistence on some unfashionable issues is to be admired.

    Jim JTS
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    Raz, I know this is a bit of fun but I didn’t like the idea when Ian did this last year as any true forumite of the year thread would’ve been started by admin (Daylight), anyway two or three years ago I’d have probably p**s
    ed this (looking at the list, no disrespect to anyone) but as I’ve not taken part in much debates or shown face on this forum much in the last year I shouldn’t even be on the list but thanks for the mention anyway.

    If there was to be a serious forumite of the year award then admin apart I think Bob Rolf deserves a big mention for his 4PP competition alone and the work he does, his comp has in many ways kept this forum alive, there are members still posting their selections in there that probably don’t post anywhere else on the forum.

    This forum needs a facelift and I know Daylight is onto it but as it’s time consuming we’ll all have to wait that little bit longer.

    maybe one day there will be a real forumite of the year award and this could be judged by admin members.

    <br>ps. "two or three years ago I’d have probably p**s
    ed this

    – tongue in cheek, just incase anyone gets the wrong idea :biggrin:

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    VOTE ZOME!!!

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    I was going to vote for Razeen for having me in his top ten friends in the whole world. I knew he loved me.

    However, he doesn’t know how to start these threads and forgot to add ‘other’ so he misses out.

    So I voted for aranalde because he’s the only person on the forum (other than me) who shows evidence of having a heart.

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    Please excuse my ignorance here, but who is Zome? :shrug:

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    Aranalde for me – great addition.  Far too reasonable though…

    Sailing Shoes
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    Voting for yourself Lolly’s, puke :angry:

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