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McCoy injury

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    Don’t like the sound of this one. McCoy is correctly admired for his toughness but this sounds like it might be a tricky injury to shake off.

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    I would strongly advise against ‘shaking’ it off Corm, surely that will just cause more damage :D .

    Yes it sounds serious and I wish him well. It’s not like a broken collar bone, or a fractured wrist, you know exactly where you stand with those injuries and how long you will be out for.

    Any injury that involves the back has to be given all the time it needs to get better – and as we know, McCoy is far from patient when it comes to getting back in the saddle. I just hope he is listening to all the medical advice he will be receiving and that he doesn’t rush back.


    dave 22
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    I too wish mccoy a speedy full recovery. However, i dont doubt he is the man you need in a finish, he seems to have a nack of making previously good jumpers jump poorly! i feel his ‘bully boy niggling style’ puts horses off and makes them make more mistakes. For example iris’s gift and inglis drever both jumped poorly for mccoy, but fine for other jumpers, and seems to be the case with most he rides!

    the welsh wizard
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    I wish that McCoy had to take the rest of the season off, to be brutal. I realise that I may be in a minority of one here, but the resultant G.Lee/Dickie Johnson battle for the title would be a thriller and after 13 titles, I’m getting a little bored, frankly.

    % MAN
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    Reports tonights say he has had an op to remove some loose bone.

    Gee is saying the doctors are confident he will be fit to ride at the Festival.

    I sincerely hope he doesn’t rush back too soon.

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    the resultant G.Lee/Dickie Johnson battle for the title would be a thriller.

    Indeed it would, though inevitably some would be quick to crab the achievement of the eventual winner as being that of a winner by default.

    Dave22’s point is very valid – AP will certainly get the job done on a horse where others have failed nine times out of ten, but at no point on Saturday did I feel Arnold Layne was travelling or jumping as well for him as for other pilots in the recent past, be that Andrew Thornton or – in point-to-points – Dickie Barrett.

    I am also happier to put that down to the rider than anything else on this occasion. As a last-time C&D winner on deep ground Arnold Layne clearly had no trip or going concerns, nor did the job in hand appear to represent an insurmountable step up in class to me.


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    I do hope AP listens to expert medical advice before he embarks on a comeback to riding….Serious back injuries like he has sustained take time to heal properly , you cant rush them , and if AP misses the festival then so be it, id rather see that , than him come back too soon and risk him having another tumble and do permanent disabling damage to himself..

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