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    non vintage
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    After a difficult day’s golf (average scores of almost 3 over par for the back nine), Grizzo holds a commanding lead of six shots from the rest of the field. Consistency appears to be Grizzo’s strong suit and comparisons with Tiger Woods have already been drawn!

    The inclement weather made things particularly gruelling over an awkward set of holes, many of which were impossible to achieve anything better than par on.

    Early pacesetter LetsGetRacing found things tougher today and dropped back into the chasing group, while Grizzo aside, the only other golfer to break par was anne7 whose two under par homeward nine means she just (and deservedly) makes the cut.

    +2 was where the knife eventually fell, with 13 of the original 25 competitors going forward to contest the final 18 holes over the next two Sundays. Behind the runaway leader, only four shots separate the 2nd from the 13th placed golfer, so there is much to play for!

    Scores are as follows, with those making the cut shown in green, and those missing out in red.

    64 : Grizzo Out>32 In>32 {-8}<br>70 : non vintage Out>34 In>36 {-2}<br>71 : Guevara Out>35 In>36 {-1}<br>71 : LetsGetRacing Out>30 In>41 {-1}<br>72 : caravan Out>33 In>39 {=}<br>72 : cormack15 Out>33 In>39 {=}<br>72 : Seven Towers Out>33 In>39 {=}<br>73 : Money on Out>32 In>41 {+1}<br>73 : Pat123 Out>32 In>41 {+1}<br>73 : Pompete Out>37 In>36 {+1}<br>73 : thebairn Out>33 In>40 {+1}<br>74 : anne7 Out>40 In>34 {+2}<br>74 : sberry Out>36 In>38 {+2}

    75 : Perry Out>36 In>39 {+3}<br>76 : bob rolf Out>38 In>38 {+4}<br>76 : Danny Out>36 In>40 {+4}<br>77 : aaronizneez Out>37 In>40 {+5}<br>78 : Deano H Out>39 In>39 {+6}<br>79 : sugar turkey Out>41 In>38 {+7}<br>81 : JohnnyB Out>45 In>36 {+9}<br>83 : manugirl Out>41 In>42 {+11}<br>85 : eddy7 Out>43 In>42 {+13}<br>87 : benji Out>44 In>43 {+15}

    WD : madman marz Out>34 In>XX {WD}<br>WD : Sailing Shoes Out>41 In>XX {WD}


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    Really good competition this NV. Great idea – well done.

    bob rolf
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    yes many thanks NV a really enjoyable competition despite my early exit, good luck to all those left in

    ps. if I only I could go round in 4 over when I play golf for real (21 over last week) 🙂

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    agreed – i was sceptical at first but this is fun – i’d never have thought ‘not finding a winner’ would be so difficult, my recent form considering

    anyway, mustn’t post so early in future as that’s 3 NRs i’ve had in the first round and i’m sure they would have lost putting me in a share for second place instead of propping up the field – guess i’ll be laying all the jollies next week then

    Sailing Shoes
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    Apologies for not playing Sunday – I had one tremendous hangover and forgot completely 🙁

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    Great Comp NV Really enjoyed taking part<br>Good luck to all those that made the cut

    Cheers Benji

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    thanks for a fantastic comp nv. me above benji cant be<br> good luck all

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    I’m gearing myself up for a Nicklaus like charge on days three and four. Hopefully Grizzo will find the rough on a few fairways!

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