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    Tommy Tipster
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    Just reminding everyone that tonight the programme is being shown, and Jamie Osborne and Ferdy Murphy are set to say things they really shouldn’t have. It will be interesting to see the effect this show has on the two trainers and racing in general. More bad publicity for racing!

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    It’s a shame Keynon didn’t speak to Martin Pipe. Perhaps he could have asked him why Ravenswood and Polar Red couldn’t win a maiden hurdle between them but were good enough to win big handicap hurdles off paper weights.<br>Suprise Suprise the money was down for both of them in these handicaps….(I backed Polar Red to be second three times in maiden hurdles…not bitter like)

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    Surprise surprise – more bad publicity for racing from THE BBC who are complete beginners as far as coverage of the Oaks and Derby is concerned but they put ALL effort in to a programme like this.

    Of course racing isn’t 100% straight – what sport is??? But it sounds like a pretty bad programme from what I’ve heard. The point behind the programme makers seems to be the aim of a big fall out and sensational bad publicity rather than professionally looking into racing and possible rule bending etc.

    I’ll be watching with interest…

    Jay Torbitt
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    Yes, it’ll create some unneeded bad publicity for racing, and will put some people in some serious trouble. I think to be fair on the BBC, investigative programmes such as this are independant of any other shows, BBC Sport is a body apart from all of this. Investigative programmes exist on many topics, all types of sport and on poilitics and issues such as the railways.

    It’s going to cause a few problems, this programme, though…

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    While we are on the subject of the BBC, we can see where their priorities to racing lie.

    Sunday’s coverage of the French Oaks could have been screened live, but oh no!…we have to watch the final few holes of an AMATEUR match play golf tournament.

    Which was recorded itself!!!

    And then 10 minutes after the Oaks has finished, they finally show it!!….Fan bloody tastic!

    Tonight we shall see the BBC attempt to bring us some disturbing and quite unique footage!!!!NOT.<br>As widely reported, all it will show is a Trainer trying to sell the idea to a potential owner, that his cheaply bought horse COULD one day win him a few quid.<br>And perhaps mentioning that to do this they may not try their hardest , so as to get a better h’cap mark or a bigger  price on the day that the horse is trying it’s best.<br>So hardly ground-breaking news there then…..that happens every day of the week!<br>How do you think that Reg Akehurst and more recently Dandy Nicholls land so many handicap "Touches" ???

    Hardly Rocket Science is it?:o

    If people who either bet on horses or own them think that every race every day is a true run race, with every horse trying their hardest, they probably still believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus too!!:biggrin:

    So lets all watch this fantastic "Expose" be revealed before our very eyes tonight, better get ready to yawn!;) <br>Yours So Sincerely!


    Tommy Tipster
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    Any people who watched that without any knowledge of racing will think everything about the sport is corrupt, the three trainers are a disgrace, I hope the jockey club take some serious action.

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    If you want a bent sport look at the one where men dressed as waiters run around a table carrying bits of trees.

    Yes, I mean snooker.

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    if u offer anybody money they will offer favors half the time just what u want to hear<br>to get your cash<br>these three trainers should be millionairs if its so easy<br>we all know the score<br>u give the impression your buying you will be told what u want to hear<br>true or not

    Mr B
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    Overall a disappointing program, if you know nothing about racing probably confirmed your belief that it’s all bent , if you do whats new!<br>One question how naive (or desperate) would you have to be to say things like Jamie Osborne. If Ferdy Murphy really lays his own horses on a betting exchange why does he do it for £1600 . <br>Finally if its all so bent and its so easy to make a killing how come Ladbrokes et al continue to prosper?

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    My calculated, professional and unprejudiced verdict on the programme is…total load of fuss about sod all.

    Slippy Blue
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         Someone wake me up if anything <br>      at all interesting happens in this thread .

          What a bunch of crap .

          Not you guys , I hasten to add ,

         that pathetic  "expose " .<br>      

    (Edited by Slippy Blue at 10:37 pm on June 11, 2002)

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    Whether you think it was a fuss about sod all or not if the JC are seen to do nothing it will make things worse all i can say about Jamie Osborne is what a total prat you think after the false allegations made before he would have known better obviously not, as for Murphy whether he actually did bet on betfair  what he said puts him in a bad light as for Wintle he certainly didn’t help himself the trip concerns are nothing new to us who follow racing but to an outsider it certaintly didn’t look good but all his pap about a fiddling horse and a job horse he made himself look bad, all in all the 3 of them made the statements so they can’t complain about it now thats the one thing most folk have glaringly forgot to mention they did say it so they will have to stand or fall by it they can blame no-one but themselves.

    Hannahs Dad
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    We’ll show you how easy it is to fix a horse race!!!!!!<br>By running a horse into contention –  Seven lengths behind the leader and then pull it up!!<br>How is this fixing a horse race?

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    Apparently Betfair have offered evidence that F. Murphy was lying about laying the horse to win £1600, the total amount traded on the horse was £452 & the total traded on the race was £2600. The said horse was 8/1

    Nick Hatton
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    I’d honestly hoped for something vaguely eye opening on tonights programme …..very boring :(

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