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How often do you bet?

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    Young Mick
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    Just wondering.

    I would love to wait for horses I see as certainties that run, say, 5 times a year, but I am in my opinion an action junkie. I would prefer to have 200 bets at £10 a bet in a year than having 5 or 10 bets at £400 or £200 a bet.

    I think to get a better profit on my gambling (or to actually make one, however you want to look at it) it would be best to cut down the bets and wait for better opportunities.

    So a general question, how often do you bet?

    I bet every saturday and during the week when a big meet is on. <!– s:D –>:D<!– s:D –>

    sea pidgeon
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    Very similar to you Young Mick,bet with cash on Saturday and play a bit through the week on my Skybet account when there is some decent meetings on.


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    I’m a second optioner Young Mick, I wait until I genuinely think something is very likely to win AND its at a price that I think is right.

    Not every day, not every week I will wait weeks if I have to.

    I have done the action junkie thing but I find I do much better with the patient approach. Each to their own though.

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    There’s no right answer to this as it’s totally individual. Cavelino Rampante backs several horses in every race every day and makes money, others wait for weeks for a bet.
    It very much depends on your approach to finding value-priced selections and how time-intensive it is. Unless you are adopting a semi-automated computerised system like CR I’d venture to suggest that you’ll need a decent chunk of time to assess each race you are considering a bet in and that it would be better to do less races more thoroughly than to take short cuts. Using traditional methods and unless you don’t have a job I’d say you’ll struggle to study more than a half-dozen races per day. It’s then very individual how many bets come out of that analysis- it won’t be every contest you are sure you have an edge. Personally I find that as low class stuff doesn’t appeal to me much I am fairly quiet midweek but need to do a lot of work on Friday night for Saturday (unless it’s a week like the July meeting). A lot of the rest of the week is taken up by research into trends etc for forthcoming big meetings (Galway at the moment) I might go four or five days with maybe one or two bets then like buses, they all come at once.

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    limit bets to distances up to 8f on the A/W tracks and Bath. Bet when my tissue indiates value.

    Agree with carvillshill’s point. With a day job, limiting bets to certain dstances/courses/value helps in time management and keeps things simple ish.

    different stokes for different folks..

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    One bet each midweek day, an each way lucky 15, placed the evening before via my online account as I dont have access to place bets when at work. I may place more bets including singles, doubles atc at big meetings (eg Cheltenham, July Festival, Goodwood, Ebor meet etc). On Saturday I tend to place a few Lucky 15’s and maybe the odd single or double here and there.

    However, its worth adding, all my bets are to extremely small stakes (10p units) and this is purely as I just cant afford to lose money I dont have.

    I am considering a change in philosophy to each way singles at bigger odds (10-1 plus only) but not there yet. I might make the switch when the evening racing comes to an end and see how I get on from there to the turn of the year. I would still bet on the big festivals as I do now though, purely from the adrenalin point of view.

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    With no day job anymoreand being newly disabled-I ((need)) to play often–Why need? I need to have that rush- Being at one time a minor league Hockey Player-Then A Police–I need that adrenaline challenge.

    Now I play Often but little–Sometimes I make Money most times I churn.

    I really found in these 2 years since I have been disabled–The racing has saved my sanity- Otherwise I would sit on my recliner for 12 hours and put my mind to what?

    Good question-

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    Young Mick there is no right or wrong answer. I would however recommend putting your bets on a spreadsheet, this shows how all the little fivers, tenners add up and when you do back one at a nice price you wish you had more on.

    I would say I am in a transitional stage, in the jump season I average about 20-30 bets. The flat I am struggling with, so trying to see if I can go a few months without any action.

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    Without doubt in my opinion if you want to make money in the long run the patient approach is best. I struggle to stick with it though!

    I’m trying a different approach now where if I don’t fancy a horse strongly enough to put atleast £20 on it, I don’t back it. I’ve only been doing it for the past month but so far I’m doing well.

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    Every day and chase on the roulette if necessary.

    dave jay
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    Surely, it’s not down the how many times you bet but how many times you can turn over your bank?

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    Sorry Dave Jay…Turn over your bank? What does this mean in layman terms?

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    Surely, it’s not down the how many times you bet but how many times you can turn over your bank?

    Spot on

    Though there is something of the Catch-22 syndrome to it.

    Risking too many weak bets purely to generate turnover – turnover good, profit suffers

    Risking too few strong bets purely to generate profit – turnover suffers, profit good

    The net result being the same for both: profit gained does not justify the work involved

    However for the astute be it the serial bettor using small stakes or the choosy bettor using large stakes, and for all those in between those extremes, then betting is indeed an ideal method of generating a large turnover from modest start-up capital; hence – at year’s end – a healthy percentage profit on initial investment.

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    About 15 lays a day is my average, sometimes as many as 30 and the occasional win place. (NEVER AN OUTRIGHT WIN BET ON HORSE RACING FOR ME) Win small, win often is my strategy and it’s working so far.

    I find that the higher the number of bets I place the less damage will be done by a piece of outrageous luck or a freak result.

    dave jay
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    Sorry Dave Jay…Turn over your bank? What does this mean in layman terms?

    .. you siphon off, £30 a week from the shopping money for a year and at the end of the year you have £1500. You decide to use that money over the next year as your betting bank and if you blow it at any time during that year you wait until the same time next year and put up another £1500.

    On all of the bets you make you have an average profit of 6% (after the cost of betting) then every time you turnover that £1500 you make 6% profit.

    £1500 x 6% = £90

    If you want to make that a week then you need to bet that amount every week, if you want to make it month then you need to turn it over in a month.

    Drone’s right though, you need to have it as a part of a planned strategy, that suits your selection process and edge.

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    I don’t have a set pattern. I like the randomness of the whole thing. I don’t really do systems or stats.

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    Thanks Dave Jay. I dont think that system will work with me, I am not that type of gambler just now. Its good to hear how different people go about things though.

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