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    Hi all, would anybody have any suggestions about the best place to sell Horse Racing Memorabilia? Any info would be much appreciated.

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    Hi DeadlySins,

    EBAY always have many items under their Sports section for
    Horse Racing. Many race cards and books but, also miscellaneous items.

    Also, some of the bigger auction Houses have sales for the more rare items. I belive Graham Budd auctions are one from memory, and you can view their previous sales catalogues for a taste of what they deal with.

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    Yes, I would also recommend Ebay.

    I have bought and sold on the site for many years and never had more than a couple of problems out of 1000+ transactions.

    They will charge you a small listing fee (unless it’s free listing weekend as it is at the moment) a final value fee (% of the selling price) and will insist on you offering Paypal as a payment method, which, if the buyer uses this method, will take a % of the payment.

    All the fees are clearly explained on their website. Setting up an Ebay account is straight forward and creating a Paypal account is no problem if you have access to online banking.

    The fees may put some people off, but they are only a small %. The advantages are you will get a much wider customer base, which, if you are prepared to post worldwide, will run into millions. It is always amazing what some people buy. You may think "no-one would want that", but quite often they do. I remember putting an old Sporting Life plastic carrier bag on a few years ago, and someone bought it – unbelievable!

    This is purely my opinion. Other online auction sites are available. :wink:

    ....and you've got to look a long way back for anything else.

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    If you are selling something that you expect to make less that £10, the overall vendor’s premium works out at just over 15%. 10% Final Value Fee, 4.1% +20p Paypal, so you have to question whether it is worth your while. Of course it depends on whether you are just clearing your loft or trying to make money, but if you count your labour as well then it gives you a more realistic assessment of the situation.
    If you have something unusual or enough items to be of interest to a specialist auction house I would say they are a better bet. Graham Budd as mentioned above get good prices. Trevor Vennett-Smith used to have superb 3 day sales at Colwick Park. Trevor now specializes in Cricket and Postcards, His old partner Tim Davison does the more general sports. Both are thoroughly approachable and always willing to give advice and tell you the true state of the market. If you are looking to sell racing books, Dominic Winter have a sporting book sale once a year. Though these auction houses charge more, they do market their sales well.
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    Yes, I’ve sold quite a bit of racing stuff on Ebay. It’s easy to underestimate the postage and packing you’ll need to charge buyers. So weigh and/or measure the whole package and calculate the postage cost before you advertise it

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    I’ve bought lots of Red Rum stuff from ebay – paintings,books ceramics etc & only ever had one problem, with a statue that arrived broken but got my money back via Paypal. Other than that, everything else has been just as described and always arrived quickly. Even managed to buy one of RR’s shoes worn in the 1977 3rd win – originally it was 1st prize in a Daily Mirror competition, which I remember entering at the time and getting a runner up prize of a photo, which I still have. Some young lad was selling it as his uncle had left it to him and he didn’t want it – don’t think he’d realised just how unique it was (one of only 4, obviously!) so I didn’t pay loads of money for it.

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