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    Racing Daily
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    I collect them.  So far i’ve got

    Hooves of Thunder<br>Stable Masters<br>and a couple of shareware games.  I’d love to get one called Arcade Horse Racing, but I can’t find it.  Has anyone got this one?

    Grey Desire
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    I’ve got it. Its like a modern day version of the old speccy game Sport of Kings.(Anyone remember The National and First Past the Post )<br>I also have a game called Daily Racing Form horse racing where you train the horse and can ride them. Potentially a really good game, but a bit limited because there is only about 10 races to ride in.

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    I’m still developing one, a national hunt one. I will set up a web page soon describing progress. I keep stopping to due work etc, but it is coming along quite well. At the moment, the races are not very convincing at all, and they are very boring – usually the front runner wins by a distance, with another distance to the next, etc.

    The graphics will be poor – it will be for anoraks really, a bit like Championship Manager is for football.

    Should have something ready for release by the end of the year, and it won’t be commercial at all, so I’ll put up a free download link.

    Racing Daily
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    I’d love to get a copy to add to my collection :biggrin: <br>I’ve got the demo for AHR, but i’d love to check out the full version.  Only a cheapo shareware game, but if I could buy it in the shop I would.<br>That’s nice of you RichK.  I’d love to take a look at it.

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    Rich – if your game is as good as Premier League Manager put me down for one!

    When I first played it my wife went away on Friday morning as I was booting up, and came back on Sunday night to find me asleep in front of it – empty bottles of red wine, takeaway cartons – 65 hours without sleep, all so that I could take Woking to the Champions League final, in front of 1300 delirious fans!

    And don’t even get me started on SimCity – you wouldn’t believe the Integrated Transport Policy my FreeTooting boasts.

    In fact cancel that order – I already spend 8 hours a day on racing as it is – without spending 8 hours a night. When would I ever get to play Age of Empires II?


    Eddie Stobart spotter.

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    I’ve got stable masters but it drives me round the bend and for how realistic it is, it isn’t realistic as the DWC is run in the daytime and I ran a selling plater in it and he came 6th of 9 and couldn’t win a seller over his optimum trip (2f less) later on!

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    ever tried gallop racer on psx2 dont know if its on the pc but its highly addictive put me down for a copy im an anorak

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    Totopoly was superb. I can’t believe that the makers of it have stopped. I loved that game, I used to play it for hours and hours.

    Fact fans : the names of the horses in the game were the winners of the Lincoln in the 1920’s (when it was run at Lincoln); Dark Warrior, Flamenco et al.

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    I can remember Totopoly, great fun.

    But about 5/6 years ago I bought another board game which is a real cracker ‘The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game’.

    Based around a day at the races (National Hunt). This is ultra realistic (If Panorama & Kenyon are to be believed) as you can nobble your own horse.

    Special cards also allow you to cause falls, violent swerves across the track and even horses to whip around at the start. for your own or other players horses.

    Many an argument has been caused but endless hour of fun also.

    It really is one of the best £20 I think I ever spent.


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    My son has G1 Jockey on the PS2, (he never gets to play it though).<br>It is a great game.(and i dont usually like the games he plays)<br>I say oh just let me have a go,and then go to bed at 1pm!<br>really is quite addictive, you’ve just got to ride 1 more winner!<br>Try it and see!<br>Ray

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    Scottish Jamie
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    Dead right Raymondo, you always just have to play the next race. Do not play it before bedtime or you’ll never get there. Its a really good game, certainly the best jockey sim I’ve ever seen.

    Racing Daily
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    As we are delving thru the archives.  Does anyone remember "They’re Off".  Three LP set, each containing two races.  Six alternative finishes on each race.  Racecards, play money and all included in the kit.  I’d love it if I had kept my copy that I got for my 10th birthday LOL  Who did the commentries for that game?  Was it John Rickman?  I really can’t remember offhand.

    The board game is OK, but not a touch on the original.

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    I seem to remember it was Graham Goode – which was the reason I didn’t purchase it!<br>John Rickman – now you’re talking. What a gentleman – a doff of the trilby and welcome to Redcar – couldn’t tip sh*t out of a bucket but what a toff!

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    Ive still got a copy of Grand National on the Amiga….<br>Was good fun as when your horse raced it was down to your ability with the joystick as to pace stamina etc…betting etc was included….jolly good fun overall with top down psuedo 3d graphics

    Jim JTS
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    Here’s a free download of Arcade Horse Racing if anyone is interested, you have to register to get the full version. (I think) 😉

    Arcade Horse racing :jockey:

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